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  1. Orezona

    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    I checked it out. Thank you very much.
  2. Orezona

    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    Factory seconds? 😀
  3. Orezona

    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    Some simple .308 150 grain Partition availability. 😝
  4. Orezona

    Quick 5.56/223 question

  5. Orezona

    Quick 5.56/223 question

    I load 22 caliber 55 grain Sierra BitzKings. They are described as .224 on the Sierra box.
  6. Orezona

    7mm08 Barrel Length

    I'm getting ready to load some 140 BT's for my 22" 7mm-08 Bergara Hunter. I know it will spin 162 ELD-X with 39 grains of IMR 8208. I got good groups at 2653 fps and a 4.7 SD. Going to use Big Game for the 140 BT's. Redding body die and a lee collet die :)
  7. Orezona

    Midway factory seconds

    This is my thought. Do they only make seconds?
  8. Orezona

    1,100 yard test - 6.5 Creed / 147 ELD-M

    I saw the caliber. Just curious on the rifle itself.
  9. Orezona

    1,100 yard test - 6.5 Creed / 147 ELD-M

    What is that rifle?
  10. Orezona

    Annealing - Glow or Tempilaq

    All this talk makes me want to try out the Annealeez that's been sitting here for two years. I need to try it on some 5x fired 280 AI Nosler brass.
  11. Orezona

    Small Pistol Primer Deal

    What is the coupon code? I signed up and not seeing it. Thank you in advance.
  12. Orezona

    Nosler Bullet Inventory

    I wish I could find some .284 140 grain Game Changer bullets. I like the price in a 100 count box. The .277 Game Changer bullets have been available on multiple sites.
  13. Orezona

    280 Ack N-165

    Did you post your load development on the Hammer forum? I’m sure all involved over there will appreciate it.
  14. Orezona

    New chronograph time..... update****

    MagnetoSpeed V3 works for me. Have to adjust on the pencil barrel 280AI but seems to be consistent. It moves POI a little but does it consistently if that makes sense.
  15. Orezona

    Act fast .308 165 Accubonds in stock

    They still make bullets1?
  16. Orezona

    What is this ring at the top of the neck?

    Tube fed lever-action rifles. :-)
  17. Orezona

    Leadsled or sandbags

    I like bags for rear and an adjustable rest for front. I make sure the front sling stud doesn't come in contact with front rest during recoil. Nice smooth slide to the rear during recoil. This doesn't apply to my experience with my 223 bolt Savage PC carbine. My tiniest group on that rifle...
  18. Orezona

    Sako A7 in .308 loads, 150 vs 165

    Nice. I didn't see the numbers on the targets.
  19. Orezona

    Sako A7 in .308 loads, 150 vs 165

    Do you have chrono velocities for those loads?
  20. Orezona

    Did some 7-08 testing today

    My 7-08 is the reason I may never own another 6.5 Creedmoor. I wish I could find some 140 grain .284 Sierra GameChangers.