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  1. 375hh1973

    First deer of the season for my son

    VERY COOL!!!
  2. 375hh1973

    Teddy Roosevelt gun

    Every deer I have taken has been with a gun and some kind of optic. Whether rifle, handgun, or MZ, they all have optics on them. Thought it might be cool to go deer hunting with a rifle and just use metallic sights. I have access to plenty of spots to hunt where shots are 100yd max. So of...
  3. 375hh1973

    Home defense shotguns

    My lady is a decent shot with a shotgun but does NOT do well with pumps. Got rid of the Mossberg 590 and upgraded to a Benelli M4 Amy does much better with it, since she is used to her semi auto skeet gun. As far as that whole racking thing, I always kept the 590 chamber loaded and ready to...
  4. 375hh1973

    .338 win ballistic tips

    Wow, that was a long time ago! I did kill a couple of doe with that combo. Neck shots, both instant kills, as you can imagine. I ended up selling my 338 to a buddy who was moving to Colorado. I miss having one!!!
  5. 375hh1973


    Am fortunate to have access to several apple orchards for rabbit hunting privileges. My go to gun is my Beretta White Onyx 686 in 28ga. I have Briley extended choke tubes and usually use IC in the bottom and LM in the top. My preferred load is the Fiocchi Golden Pheasant #5 load Theres not...
  6. 375hh1973

    Another beauty inbound.

    Not much cooler than a .405 Very badass!
  7. 375hh1973

    Model 94 Big Bore 375 Win

    Been looking for the AE version of that to go along with my .356
  8. 375hh1973

    Rifle scopes

    Got a few Leupold, a few Zeiss. Have 2 Nikons. Got a Seekins Havak PH2 last fall and decided to buy a Night Force for it.
  9. 375hh1973

    If you were gunna

  10. 375hh1973

    Doe in the snow

    Never got much below 30. Was nice to hunt in.
  11. 375hh1973

    700 NE

    Would make one helluva varmint gun
  12. 375hh1973

    Doe in the snow

    JD Im about 3 miles south and about 3 miles west of Baldwin Small private lake Woods has matured and not nearly as many deer. This year we had zero acorns
  13. 375hh1973

    Doe in the snow

    Drag it to a two track about 200 yds away. Went and got the truck and took it back to my cabin. Hung it up and gutted it. Havent done one in the field in years, I probably have forgotten how!
  14. 375hh1973

    Doe in the snow

    Went up the 14th to the Baldwin, MI area for the opener on the 15th. Forecast was for nice cool temps with SOME snow on the way. Perfect!!! The 15th came and we got a little bit of snow. Didn't see much opening day. Few pileated woodpeckers, chickadees, and 2 squirrels. No deer. My dad...
  15. 375hh1973

    What have you taken Turkey with?

    Beretta 390 with Winchester Longbeard 3" 5s Mossberg 500 with same ammo 22 mag 1994 Camaro GT
  16. 375hh1973

    Lets See Your 6.5's!

    Thats an awesome pic! What scope do you have on your Seekins?
  17. 375hh1973

    Lets See Your 6.5's!

    Would gladly post a pic of mine, unfortunately its still on order... Ordered a Seekins Havak PH2 in the Urban Shadow pattern in 6.5PRC Patiently waiting
  18. 375hh1973

    Ruger #1 Thoughts

    One hell of a squirrel gun
  19. 375hh1973

    Keep a good rifle nearby!

    Wasn't there a Ruger ad with a dead gorilla that got people all fired up?
  20. 375hh1973

    Find the Cougar?

    nope cant find it