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    I Think I’ll Keep Her

    Definitely a keeper! And boy does that venison dinner sound good, yum🦌
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    280 AI, 132gr Tipped Hammer

    Excellent load work and fine shooting, well done!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 🍗
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    280 AI, 132gr Tipped Hammer

    Nice shooting buddy! I hope you bring home a big muley. Yes, that's a beautiful rifle.
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    Excellent! Good looking dogs. What brand is the shotgun?
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    Hi All

    Congratulations! I pray I'll be able to get out and hunt at 78 with my grandsons, well done. Good to have you back posting.
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    Garmin Chronograph

    I thought the same thing, LOL.
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    Grandson got a buck

    Congratulations to your grandson, nice shooting!
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    Why Hunt

    Yeah, WOW! That brings back 50+ years of hunting memories.
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    Hammer Bullet Release Report

    I have Hammers loaded in 5 calibers and had the same thing happen in 2 of them, 25.06 and 280 Rem. I increased the crimp from 1/8 turn to 1/4 turn and it tightened the groups right up.
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    I'm not needed any more :(

    Congratulations to her and her coach and blind installer, well done! Beautiful bucks!!!
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    M70 7x57 Featherweight

    You got to love those M70's!!!
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    Chiappa 1892 45 Colt CCH

    Beautiful rifle! Someone better buy this before he changes his mind.
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    Wyoming Vet Hunt

    Yes, what a great write up and pictures, Scotty. Congratulations on the elk and the great hunting trip.
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    New Winchester....Oh Scottie?

    That's a beauty!
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    Ruger Americans, a change

    Excellent! That makes great shooting, inexpensive rifles even better.
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    Her first buck

    Dandy buck! Congratulations to your daughter and to you. Nice shooting on her part and nice coaching on your part.
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    Tikka T3x 223/ADI 55 Blitzkings

    Nice shooting! Those Tikkas are some accurate rifles.
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    50 pounds down!

    Excellent, way to go! Keep it up.
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    Ruger Ranch Rifle

    Nice rifle! I have a standard American as well in 243 win for a truck gun and it's one of my most accurate rifles also. Amazing such inexpensive rifles shoot so well.