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    Some muzzle brakes I made up

    Do you have the new two piece brakes in 9/16x24 available yet?
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    Some muzzle brakes I made up

    Are your new two piece brakes ready to go yet?
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    260 gr. Partition HG bullets

    I have 3 boxes I could part with if you are still interested.
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    .223 Remington with 69 gr bullets

    I have had great results with H4895 out of my 223
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    Nosler brass?

    I had the same problem with 338 UM brass using Fed 215M. I couldnt get them to seat so I tried Win primers and they seated.
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    AR-15 guys

    Have to agree with all the votes for Mag-Pul, put a CTR on my AR and I really like it. Far better than the cheapo that came on it.
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    2015 Nosler Bullet Wish List

    I would really like to see Nosler make the .284 120 grain in an Accu-Bond.
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    If anyone is interested in replacing the stock Boyds is now making them for the American's.
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    140 AB from a 7-08 rem

    That will be the next bullet I will be trying in the 7-08, looks like the perfect match.
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    Not Sure What Bullet to Load

    How old is your daughter and how tolerable of recoil? I loaded 120 b-tips for my daughters 7-08 at a reduced velocity around 2400 fps with very little recoil and worked very well for her first buck in 2013. The recoil factor is very important with the younger shooters, if it kicks too much...
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    30-06 165 gr. Accubond at 25 yards

    Very nice! Looking at giving them a go in my 300 Wby
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    Hornady fbp 300-350 gr any reviews

    I have shot them out of a couple of in-lines and they have shot well out of both. They can be a real pain to get started in some barrels, not fun in the Remington I had but they start pretty easy in my CVA Accura V-2. I have never shot any animals with them but recovered bullets look good and...
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    Remington SPS Tactical

    I also have the 700 Tactical and the Hogue stock had to go. I put mine in an HS Precision and it made a huge improvement. This gun is a shooter, especially with 53 grain V-Max and 69 Sierras. Just added a EGW tactical bolt knob to it just to give it a more tactical look and it turned out great.
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    Remington 12 gauge Buckhammers 1.25oz

    I would definately try the Rackmasters especially with your smoothbore and for around 7-8 bucks a box not too crazy expensive. Who knows they just might be almost as good as the Buckhammers. The Hammerheads from slugsrus do say they are for rifled barrels but I would think they might be ok too.
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    Remington 12 gauge Buckhammers 1.25oz

    Scotty there is a slug called a Hammerhead that is similar to a buckhammer and sold from as a reloading component. Might be another option for you to consider.
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    Predator rifle suggestion

    I would not leave out the Ruger American in a 22-250, supposed to be a 1 in 10. They are inexpensive rifles and shoot great.
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    Remington 12 gauge Buckhammers 1.25oz

    It is a shame Remington dropped the buckhammers, they were by far the most accurate slug out of my Hastings slug barrel and they are absolutely lethal on deer, proof is in your blood trail.
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    Classic Rem 700 stocks

    Here is a crappy pic from my phone, sorry it is so bad.
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    Hornady 20 Gauge SST's

    Have you tried the accu-tips, hear a lot of good with them. Used them in 12 gauge and shot really well and seem to open good on deer. They are supposed to be a good combo with the savage 220.
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    Classic Rem 700 stocks

    Got a thumbhole short action varmint.