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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Saudi ask restraining US from attacking Yemen. So that’s the reason no meaningful response from US Military !
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    New Gen 4 G20

    That’s what I put on my G20 the Titanium Pure and 22 pound spring from Glock Store added a little weight up front. Great Trail pistol the Glock 20/40. I still have my Ruger Redhawk 4”. Depending what side of the bed I get out on depends which I take on the trail . Both excellent sidearms for Alaska.
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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Is US going to defend Exxon oil field in Guyana ?
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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Today attacks by Yemen on ships ! A very timid response from Biden Administration. Now a respiratory airborne virus first detected in China and now US sweeping across America and not a word from NIH or CDC or administration and its orgin in China. Don’t worry they will send VP Harris to the...
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    350 gr A Frame and 350 gr Kodiak

    45.0 of RL 7 is a very low for RL 7 and 350 gr
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    Officially Disappointed in Nosler

    Don’t buy Nosler brass It was good when they worked with Norma on certain cal. now they bought cheap brass making machinery and making their own. Standards and quality went south.
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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Winds of War Canada issues travel warning to Venezuela and Guyana. US Media crickets!
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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Update Now Venezuela and Guyana preparing for war ……US sends military team advisors to Guyana diplomats later this week.
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    Speer Hotcore 350 gn for 45-70

    Who was it that done bullet test with the 350 Speer FN in the 45/70 . I remember seeing the bullet expansion test and was very impressed.
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    Speer Hotcore 350 gn for 45-70

  12. Alaska

    Speer Hotcore 350 gn for 45-70

    I was just a tad over 2000 fps in GG and 1770 fps in Trapper with that 48.0 load . It’s my main jacketed bullet for the 45/70 the 350gr Speer FN. yes weight retention is excellet.
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    Speer Hotcore 350 gn for 45-70

    Speer 350 FN is excellent in the Marin 45/70. Perhaps the best jacketed bullet ever made to hunt with. 2.600” COAL for Marlin’s and 48.0 IMR 4198 in WW brass make an excellent load in my Marlin GG and Trapper. Great weight retention that closely resembles Bonded Bullets. The 350gr Speer FN is...
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    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    British cargo ship operated by Japanese Merchants seized in Red Sea today by Yemen Military. No response from British Military yet.
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    300 Win Mag...200gr+

    200 gr Part in 300 win Mag 76.0 of H4831 WW brass CCI 250 Has served me well
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    RL 26 / 200 ELD-X for 300 Win Mag

    Tried the 200 ELDX on one moose with H4831. Too much expansion and meat damage very similar to Ballistic Tips ……quickly purged my whole shelf of ELDX. The 178gr ELDX might perform well at 308 Win vel maybe but I am done with Hornady rifle bullets ! I think they need to apply some their DGX...
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    Bullet choice for a .308 Win. back-up elk rifle.

    Easy for 308 win 180 Nosler Part or Accubond 44.1 Varget in WW cases CCI BR2 primers
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    Load start for 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag Western Hunts?

    Great load for 300 Win Mag 175gr Barnes LRX Hunter Powder 72.2 Norma Brass with CCI 250 primers
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    2023 Moose hunt

    Too much ! You can find a good used Bosski ATV Wagon in good shape a single anywhere from 1K to 2K. I just used my 300gal Tub Rubbermaid with wooden lid for years hauling moose and gear no problem. I just waited until I found Bosski Single at the right price and bought it. I wanted one for years...
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    308 Win Load Development

    I not much of a 150 gr person in the 308 Win or 30/06. But if I were it would be the 150gr TTSX !