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    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    Does it even matter ? They can't even keep up with their current line up anyways. Even if they could Nosler is extremely proud of their bullets charging the same price for 50 of their bullets that other makers charge for 100 bullets
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    280 AI, 132gr Tipped Hammer

    Is that a Weatherby? Your load workup looks good to go. I hope you get to let the air out of one with the Hammers.
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    Spike bull elk

    Congrats on the bull. So did you pack out the head due to regulations or are you going to make a Euro mount with him ? I think the spikes are cool
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    WV Fall Turkey Tag - PUNCHED

    Went out this morning with the purpose of looking for a buck. Turkey season is open for either sex birds in selected WV counties, one of which being the county where I had permission to hunt at. Everything was super quiet having only seen a squirrel up until about 10am. Out of the blue, I...
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    Powder valley big game

    I've used BigGame in a 6.5 creedmoor, 7x57, and 8x57 and it's performed great with the bullets I've tried it with. I've used Hunter in 6.5 creedmoor, 7x57, and 280AckImp. It too has been great, but lately it's been nonexistent as far as finding any.
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    Giving up on HBN

    I quit using it as well. My reasons were strictly due to the fact that loading/ shooting HBN coated bullets simply did nothing in regards to cutting down on copper fouling in the barrels of my rifles. The reason I started coating bullets was the alleged reduction in copper fouling and while it...
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    Loose primer pocket causes

    Lapua, Peterson, Alpha arent likely to make 270wsm brass, but your right, those 3 companies no doubt put out some of the best brass available. Nosler used to have Norma make their brass, however when Nosler bought out the Silver State Armory (SSA) they started manufacturing their own. This is...
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    Quickload 6.5 CM

    If you have any H4831sc give that a try with the 143gr ELD-x. Its a great replacement for the RL-26 in the creedmoor case yielding great velocity and accuracy.
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    IMR 4451 / 6.5 Creedmoor

    I bought a Mossberg 6.5 Creedmoor back in 2018. I began load development with the 120gr Nos BT and tried both H4350 and IMR 4451. Accuracy with both was close to equal. According to my notes, I tried 42.5gr to 44.5gr. 44.5gr charge was where I found best accuracy with .546" 3 shot group @...
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    Head swipes with new Petersons in 6 BR

    Peterson is known for being thicker and in the end more robust brass. Often times the same load you have previously used in other brands of brass will exhibit too much pressure for the Peterson brass. Its also worth mentioning that the accuracy and general loading / shooting will improve after...
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    Echo 3wt Fly Rod / Reel Package

    I'll eat the shipping. How about $125 free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.
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    Echo 3wt Fly Rod / Reel Package

    If either of you fellas are on the fence then PM me, I'll work out a deal with you. This rod is lightweight and a joy to fish. It makes a 12 inch trout feel like a 20 incher. It's certainly more enjoyable than lugging around a 6wt all day. Consider it a tributary / headwaters / native kind...
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    SPEER Impact 6.5mm (.264") 140gr Bullet Test

    I wanted to test the expansion of the new Impact Bonded 140gr 6.5mm offering from SPEER. After conducting load development a few weeks back, I set up some water jugs at my range. I know water jugs aren't the best testing media, but its what I had at my disposal. The water jugs were placed at...
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    Echo 3wt Fly Rod / Reel Package

    Selling a barely used Echo Base 7.5ft 4pc 3wt fly rod with original rod tube and rod sock. This rod will come with a Piscifun brand machined aluminum fly reel, WF floating fly line, and a furled leader. All you need to do is tie on some tippet and go. I bought this package brand new back in...
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    Rem 700 sights F/S

    Sights are sold pending funds
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    Rem 700 sights F/S

    Remington 700 front and rear sight set. Came from '96 or '97 model Rem 700 ADL. Shipping included to your door $25
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    Alternative to 4064.

    ShadeTree, what model Sauer do you have ? I have a 100 Ceratec 8x57 and I love it. It also loves H4895 with a 150gr Horn Interlock and the 175gr Sierra PH
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    Sale at Optics Planet

    Optics Planet is based out of Chicago. That was a major red flag for me and it should be for anyone. After 3 different incidents of them showing items in stock I quit even looking at their website.
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    338-06 Loads with 200gr Hornady SST

    As requested. I bought this Remington 700 ADL Laminate 30-06 for a more than fair price from a guy on 24hrCampFire. I was intrigued by the 338-06 after my dad had considered sending off a rifle to have it rebored. I saw this and snatched it up and sent it to JES in Oregon. Within a month, I...
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    338-06 Loads with 200gr Hornady SST

    Ive been working with the 200gr Hornady SST in my Rem700 JES rebore 338-06 lately. I tried VARGET but the best I got was a little over an inch. I then tried Reloder 15. I loaded up a ladder to test velocity and found a couple of nodes. Then I picked a couple of charges and loaded up 4 of...