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    .35 accubonds

    For those interested SPS has .35 cal 200 gr accubond in stock.Lee
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    7mm-08 Deer Loads

    Dale, my favorite bullet for the 7mm-08 is the 120 BT its as tough as the 140 BT with extra fps. I use it in my .280 Remington.Lee
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    Playing with paint

    Fine job! I think that is awesome. Not only would the 16 year old love it, I would too. Great job Lee.
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    The 25-45 SHARPS

    indeed (y) Lee
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    35 Whelen Imp.

    Rodger, Looking good. That 8208xbr and 200 gr 35's go great together.Lee
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    Had to give all my firearms a new home

    Very nice , I bought a Heritage safe 13 years ago and love it. At the time The Liberty dealer was 2 hours away and Heritage 30 min. That was the deciding factor since both are outstanding.Lee
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    What caused this???

    Glad to hear it. That is what I also would expect. I must have been the lucky one over the years, I have never had this issue using their primers.Lee
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    35 Whelen Imp.

    Its always good to have a backup rifle.Lee (y)
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    What caused this???

    Well I am one of those that prefer Winchester primers. I have been using them along with federal for 25 years. I personally have never had an issue with either one. I have seen that happen with all brand of primers and a lot with federal brass. Usually from enlarged primer pockets. winchester...
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    Just can not justify it......... 7mm bee

    I think the wood alone justifies it.Lee :mrgreen:
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    VX3 1.75-6X32

    Here is the VX-3 2.5-8x36 with Talley Light weights on my Tikka.Lee
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    VX3 1.75-6X32

    i have the talley light weights on my tikka .308 and really like them. Lee
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    VX3 1.75-6X32

    Great choice Rodger. I love mine. Lee
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    Ramshot Powder

    great find. Ramshot powders are one of my favorites.Lee
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    Tikka t3 or Rem 700 SPS

    + 1.Lee (y)
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    Scored big time today!

    well done.Lee
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    VX3 1.75-6X32

    I also had the vx3 2.5-8x36 on the 35 whelen you now own Rodger. It was a perfect combo.Lee
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    VX3 1.75-6X32

    +1 ,This is also my favorite scope. I have it atop my .308 and would mine getting another. Lee
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    Loading 223 60 gr Nosler Ballistic tip using imr 8208 xbr

    I only used Ramshot tac in my .223 with 55 gr BT. Then I tried IMR 8208 XBR, and I switched for good . It made an awesome combo even better. Lee