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    257 WBY Reloading Information

    I like RL-22 also. It's worked well in my 7mm Rem. and my 257 Arnold. The Arnold is now a 25-300 WSM. I've been using RL-25 in that though. You might want to give it a try in your Weatherby.
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    25-300 WSM

    I've only burned RL-25 in mine. 110 Gr. Accubond, 115 Gr. Ballistic tip, and 115 Gr.Barnes Triple Shock all shot best with 60 Gr. I've tried a little more powder but accuracy got sloppy. I've also shot the 85 Gr. Ballistic tip if you want the data for that let me know I'll dig it out of my...
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    reloading press and die concentricity

    Casey Actually I just switched from a very old RCBS to a newer RCBS a friend gave me.
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    reloading press and die concentricity

    You can see Bersin's products at
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    reloading press and die concentricity

    Hey there Jim. I've been wondering and experimenting with concentricity in my hand loads. None of my tests are real complete, but I'll share with you my observations. If your looking for a set of dies that will load them perfectly straight I haven't found it yet. RCBS and Hornady seem to...
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    AccuBond, Partition Penetration Test Results

    Scientific? Maybe not. I bet you had fun doing it though didn't you? I might have to do some similar tests.
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    Powder Loyalty

    I seem to have favorite powders for specific calibers, but I use Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Accurate Arms, Winchester, and Vihtavuori.
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    Accubond inpact velocity on deer?

    My rifle doesn't seem to shoot the partitions very well. I'd like to find a bullet that is a tack driver at long range, knocks em dead up close and way out there, and cost about 50 cents a box. Is that too much to ask?(Just kidding)
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    110 Accubond feedback

    Wow that's smokin velocities! Is that normal for 110 Gr. in 257 Weatherby.
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    Accubond inpact velocity on deer?

    I have no doubts about the ballistic tips effectiveness at long range. It's the up close and personal shots that worry me. I'm sure the accubond is going to be a much better choice for me for the closer shots and still perform well at long range.
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    Accubond inpact velocity on deer?

    I've used the 25 cal 115 Gr. triple shock. It definately doesn't blow up and makes a nice neat hole right through. It, however, didn't seem to drop the deer very quickly. I'm only basing this on one kill so my results are far from definative but here in western Washington the cover gets real...
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    Accubond inpact velocity on deer?

    How fast is too fast? I'm interested in the 25 cal. bullet for my 25 WSM wildcat. I will be hunting blacktails with them and my shots might be close. Would I be better off using the partitions? The partitions don't shoot very well in my gun but for upclose it probably doesn't matter. I've...
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    I see midway has them in stock. Mat
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    Weak Weatherby loads in the Nosler manual?

    I agree Noslers book usually lists higher velocities then Speer, Barnes, and Hornady in the calibers I load for.
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    Finally a 25cal Accubond. My wildcatted 25 WSM loves the 115 BT, but at 3300fps and only 50 to 60 yards my little forky blacktail this year was a little messy. I'll gladly take the 110Gr. and put in a vote for a 120 also. Awsome Forum! Thanks