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    A little Sako Love

    I have a SAKO 85 Finnlight in 30/06. Hands-down the most accurate factory rifle I have ever owned. I typically shoot 165 grain bullets for elk but this rifle will shoot 150 and 180s into sub-MOA with any bullet going down the barrel. The actions are like glass and they do become smoother the...
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    Ready to load for 300 Win. Mag.

    I have been using 74.8 grains of RL-22 and 180gr bullets which gives me around 3075 fps. The Kimber Classic select is very accurate with this load and consistently shoots sub-MOA. That's all I can ask for out of a hunting rifle.
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    6 Creed, 87s... and PNW Lessons relearned

    I love the Tikka/SAKO actions and have had great accuracy out of their factory barrels. Great shooting.
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    Nosler Manual #9....

    IMO, authorship is earned through knowledge of a variety of experiences, and studies. The ability to write and convey learned experiences. Thick skin is a must and conveying differing viewpoints without being condescending. Many on this forum have those abilities and experience.
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    Sometimes I can't help myself --New Sako

    In my view, best factory rifle followed by Kimbers for hunting.
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    Borescoped the 240 WBY

    This is like watching a colonoscopy; you never know what you may find. Is there a correlation between the overbore cartridges and copper buildup ? The Sako 85 in a 30/06 has a very fine barrel and it does not show much copper buildup. The Forbes 24 in 270 and a Shaw barrel always has copper...
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    Which powder to get more speed in 7 Mag

    I have had very good luck with RL22 and 26 both provide excellent velocity and accuracy in my rifles. There are urban-legends about RL22 having some temperature velocity swings but finding empirical evidence is difficult. My load in a 300WM has shown about a 55FPS swing in velocity from a 25...
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    Elk Hunting Data

    Over the last years of elk hunting I have kept some info on the elk I have taken. The yardages for the close in shots are estimates the 100 yard plus shots were ranged. Elk Caliber Used Yardage Bullets Reactions Locations Cow 270, 300, 130...
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    1917 rifle to 9.3x62 ?

    I like the 338-06 simply for great bullet selection and potential to convert 06 brass into 338/06. The power comparison not sure.
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    The whole rifle world isn't hunting:

    I have never participated in a PRS shoot but I have watched. The one that I watched the shooters had to determine the range, take their shots, and quickly move to the next target. These people are the best! While they shoot off the bench at long range the spend most of their time working from...
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    30-06 and 225 ELD-M?

    Must be having a Covid-19 moment. Hopefully, we get a vaceen soon! Unfortunately there is no vaceen for stupid. Remington, you reamed a guy for asking a question then tried to cover with a lot of BS. 200 animals in twenty years common? I am sure that match bullets will kill game but that is not...
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    30-06 and 225 ELD-M?

    Being just a hunter my impression of remington 25-06, is just full of himself. Anyone can write war stories but few have actual experience. Target bullets are just that target bullets. If you want to shoot heavy bullets at game buy some heavy Accubonds and have at it. The sniping at game at...
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    RL26 in the 270???

    A couple of 270 observations using RL-26: First, both of my 270 rifles shoot RL-26 very well. The Forbes has a very tight chamber so my powder charge amounts are lower but the velocity are great. The Forbes has a 24 inch barrel, Winchester brass,CCI 200 primers and 55.6 of RL-26 gets me 2906...
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    Difference you have seen.......

    I have been using the Ballistic AE app coupled with Leupold CDL scopes and have had good luck. I am off the bench and primarily shoot from hunting positions which add another variable. The steel are 12x12 inch and the app and my choreographed load data allow for consistent clanging of the...
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    Maximum acceptable group size?

    Being a hunter I view group size for a particular rifle with a squinted-eye. All of my rifles shoot great groups off of the bench when I do my part. But 1/2 inch groups does not equate to a dead elk or deer. My goal is being a better shot in hunting conditions. I start with a single shot from a...
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    New gun decision...

    Interesting; my personal experience is with a SAKO 85 (aka) black mamba in a 30-06. Most accurate and lightweight factory hunting rifle. I also have a Kimber Classic Select in 300 Win mag, beautiful wood and very accurate. This years elk rifle. Just purchased another Kimber Classic Select in...
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    F****ing Hornady brass!

    I use Hornady brass in my 6.5CM no problems. I have seen a bit of higher velocity over other brass with the same load configuration . Overall for the CM I like the Hornady brass.
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    Heavy rifle range day today

    Amazing groups! I would be looking for some vitamin (I) ibuprofen and a good chiropractor . Sounds like fun. What do you use these monsters on?
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    Bullet weight selection

    While trying to build Wyoming preference points, I have taken 4 cow elk in the past 5 years. Three of the four were shot with my Sako 85 30-06, using 165 grain Hornady Interbonds. All were shot at various angles and ranges from 80 to 287 yards. All only took one shot. One cow was shot with my...
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    Kimber Classic Select Grade, barrel question

    I recently purchased a Kimber Classic Select in a 300 WM. Wow, a shooter with 180 bullets and great looking for a classic wood stocked rifle. I also own the predecessor to the Barrett fieldcraft (Forbes 24) in a 270 Win. It shoots anything I run through it and it only weighs 6.11 pounds fully...