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    280AI Body Sizing Die

    Just a side note. I also have a NCR 280ai. Love it by the way. I also have a set of Redding dies (bushing type). I had the same issue as you after sizing brass. I have a rcbs rock chucker press and was using a rcbs shell holder. My bolt would close a little hard for my taste after setting the...
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    1.67" ball test

    I shot this glue lam piece with my cannon. The load was 750grs of FFG Pyrodex and a 7000 gr or 1 pound ball. It penetrated 12" before splitting out the side. I have the cannon for sale on gun broker and I can build custom cannons to your specs also...
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    300 WSM

    My 280ai has me covered in the hunting department but this would look so nice in my collection. The serial number even matches my 280ai. AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I think I am going to pass on it. It's a real beauty of a rifle though. I...
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    300 WSM

    I am having a hard time deciding on this rifle. I usually dont' weigh all the options first. I have a 30-06Ai that shoots great. The 300 WSM doesn't seem all that better of a choice but when were talking about buying a rifle what difference should that make. :roll:
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    300 WSM

    Hey guys, its been a while. Anyone have any thoughts on the 300wsm. I am looking at a nice rifle and a nice price but not so sure about the cartrige. Looking for all pro's and con's Thanks in advance for the replies.
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    Range day

    Thats a great idea. maybe some 2 or 3 ounce lead sinkers.
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    Range day

    I went to the "range" today and fired my 3 inch cannon. I still need to build a carrage for it.
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    Best: Press and Dies

    Bingo. I believe the chrony is the most important tool available to the hand loader. I have redding, hornady and RCBS dies. I have used a rock chucker for an eternity. I have found that consistancy is the key to everything and if you don't shoot over a chrony you will never know how consistant...
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    Cleaning packing oil off a rifle

    Diesel works well on cosmoline. Save the whiskey for drinking
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    What was the first chambering you reloaded?

    I started loading 20ga on a MEC loader when I was sitting on my dad's lap. I took him to school in first grade for show and tell. Dad brought the MEC loader and some components. No powder though . He also talked to the class about gun safety. Those were the good old days. My brother taught me...
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    Bore Solvents

    I used to use Hoppe's 9 and Sweets. The odor of Sweets bothered me and I made the switch to Butch's bore shine. I still miss the smell of Hoppe's 9. I need to take the shotgun out more often
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    Thanks again Nosler

    I lucked out this year and drew a antlerless tag. After two weeks of not seeing anything but grouse and pickup trucks I managed to spot a doe in a cut. I went for my laser rangefinder only to find out the batteries were dead. Luck would have it that I was packing my Nosler custom in 280ai with...
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    Give to the NRA
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    24" stainless ar I typed in stainless ar-15 and came up with this. There are more out there
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    24" stainless ar
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    270 win 140 gr /using RL-22***Update****

    Rl-19, Rl-22 and H4831 were my favorites for the 270win. The 140 Ab/Bt was riding on top.
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    case trimming question

    I am not familiar with the Sinclair trimmer. It sounds like you took some meat out of the shoulder instead of or in addition to trimming the neck. I would discard the brass if the shoulder was cut. A picture would say a thousand words.
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    Fire at Nosler plant

    The mamagement and employees did a great job running drills and the practice paid off thats for sure. Wow, it's amazing there were no injuries. This kind of accident should make headlines across the country.
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    Need help with value - Interarms MkX Mannlicher .308

    My 26th edition Blue book has it listed. 100%=365 98%=330 95%=305 90%=290 The markX rifles were made in Yugoslavia by Zastava Arms until late 1997