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    Little range time with 6.5 Creed

    I would say that your rifle likes that powder, that bullet, that seating depth, and it is obvious your rifle likes you too!!!! Nice work!!!
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    7mm PRC first thoughts..

    Has anyone tried a 7PRC with a lighter bullet like a 120 / 140 grain Nosler ballistic tip?
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    7mm PRC first thoughts..

    So my brother picked up a Browning X bolt with a recoil hawg brake in 7mmPRC. He was sighting it in today and I had to give it a try. He was shooting Hornady outfitter 160gr CX ammo. I pulled the trigger on the rifle and I swear the recoil felt like a a hot 6.5 creedmoor load. I expected a lot...
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    Quickload request for 6.5 creedmoor 120 gr TTSX

    Thank you Sir!
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    Quickload request for 6.5 creedmoor 120 gr TTSX

    I am shooting a Browning X bolt 22 inch tube Lapua brass CCI BR2 primer. 120 gr Barnes TTSX I am wanting to shoot Staball 6.5 and also Reloader 16. I have shot an initial load with both and had good looking results. Wanting to see quickload info so I have a little info on how far I can go...
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    Accurate powders in 7 mag?

    I have plenty of 160gr Speer BTSP and 162gr ELD-X bullets that I am going to use. Going to try some initial loads with both and see which one looks better in the accuracy department and go from there.
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    Accurate powders in 7 mag?

    Brian I am currently starting to work up a load using Magpro and the 7 Rem Mag myself. My reasoning is basically the same as yours, Magpro availability.
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    Advice Needed: Powder choice for 150gr. Accubond in .270Win

    I have had luck with Reloader 23 in my 270.
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    Now that Varget is $60....

    My 308 likes CFE 223 (as does my 7-08) TAC and BL C2. I have gotten a killer load with BLC2 and 130 gr TTSX, sub MOA and 3180 fps.
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    First Handload Moose

    Congrats on a heck of a hunt and harvest!
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    Planning a Christmas break hunting trip for next year, need input

    My son has anything that he would ever really need as a kid and is only into hunting and sports so for next Christmas I want to plan a hunting trip that we could take during Christmas break. My two nephews are about the same as my son in terms of their love of hunting so they would probably go...
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    bullet testing in water jugs

    A board to put them on works fine. Eventually the force will cause your boards to crack and break. I use a rough hewn 2x10 and it has split on both ends.
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    whitetail deer

    Good lord!!
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    QL for .308 Win and Varget

    Agree on the BL-C2. My 308 loves it and I get great speeds, especially with the 130 TTSX.
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    Grandson got a buck

    Heck yeah!!!
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    Shooting across water??

    So I have a place on my property where I can get off some 200 yard practice with a great backstop. However, I would have to shoot across our lake . Disclaimer; I have a high lake dam and will not be shooting into water and not even shooting at a target that will be close to the water. Gravity is...
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    Her 7mm-08 Mtn Goat

    Congrats on a fine harvest!
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    Quickload request please for 6.5 Creedmoor

    Thank you so much Dr. Mike!
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    Quickload request please for 6.5 Creedmoor

    My rifle is a Browning X-Bolt 22 in barrel CCI BR-2 primer Bullet is 120 gr Barnes TTSX Lapua brass Powder I would like to try is BL-C2. I have shot really good groups with this powder and want to see if I can the TTSX to shoot with it. Thanks in advance for all help.
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    Her first buck

    Congrats to the young lady on a fine buck and obviously a fine shot!!