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    270wby powder

    I ran a 270 Weatherby for a while. I had outstanding results with the 140 AB and 7828. I played around with the 150 ABLR with H1000, 7828, and RL-26, I couldn't seem to get it to shoot well. I also played with the RL-26 with the 140 AB. I was able to squeak out a bit more speed, but the 7828...
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    QL 6mm Creed please

    This has been my experience with the 88 ELDM in the 22CM as well. Went to the 95 SMK and never had an issue. That combo has accounted for several mule deer with some of the most impressive results I have ever seen from any caliber on deer. BUT, I quit using them for deer as half of the coyotes I...
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    Rl 26 in 338 rum

    I run RL26 in my 338 RUM with the 265 ABLR and have had stellar results. Getting 2940 out of a 26" tube.
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    Primer costs....very sad

    I can't remember where I heard it, but a guy was apparently selling used primers on gunbroker and had a bid of $40 :shock: To me, that is where the line gets crossed. I'm loading up what I can, and thinking about taking up yoga after I run out of primers. :lol:
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    Load for 340 Wby with 265 gr NABLR

    I run this bullet in my 338 Rum, and have been very happy with it from both an accuracy standpoint as well as terminal performance on game. Good luck!
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    6mm Creed 105 QL help?

    I ran the 105 VLD in my wifes 6CM. I had it up over 3300 with RL26 out of a 26" tube. RL26 never gave me the groups I wanted though. I switched to H4350 and lights out groups at 3175 fps. I would think that H4350 or RL23 would be great starting points. Best of luck to you!
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    Partitions Vs E-Tips ?

    Hi Guy. I've hunted with the 200 ET as well as a large variety of Barnes bullets in my 338WM for a lot of years. All of them work just fine. At lower velocities they do tend to not open up much. In my opinion this doesn't result in the energy dump that a partition will deliver (due to the fact...
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    Long range cartridges

    When I built my 22 CM I went with a Proof Research barrel because I wanted to keep the weight down a bit and I figured it would last me 5 years....but as much as I enjoy shooting it, I'll have 1,400 rounds down it in a 2 year time span. I've never enjoyed shooting a rifle as much as I have this...
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    Stability factor...

    I typically use it as a reference and not the gospel. If I'm close to a decent stability factor and they shoot good groups I run it down range and see if the BC matches up. If it doesn't match up but shoots good groups down range I just adjust my numbers to match what I'm seeing in the field and...
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    22 Creed finally load verified

    WOW!! That is fantastic! Great shooting, groups like that take a lot of shooter skill as well (at least that's my reasoning for never getting them :lol: ). From what I have been reading, a lot of guys are having great success with the heavies in a 1-8 twist. I run a 1-7 and struggled with...
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    2020 Hunting Pictures

    I had one of the best shooting days of my life Super Bowl Sunday! Was playing around at the range with my 22 Creed before the big game and things were going very well in a slight wind all the way out to the 1K gong. I was feeling pretty good about life. I decided before the game to go check on...
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    New Acquisition

    That is a heck of an acquisition! Congrats. I really like the 260 AB out of my 375 Ruger. I have smashed a few elk with it....I REALLY LIKE IT! Hope you will as well.
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    22 creedmoor at the range

    Looks like a ton of promise! It will be interesting to see how it settles out for you after another 50 or so rounds.
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    I ran Strelok for several years and loved it. After reading a few of Applied Balllistics books about the difference between G1 and G7 drag models, and other things that impacted LR performance. I upgraded to Strelok Pro to try to eliminate a few variables in my shooting system. It was worth...
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    22 creedmoor almost done

    That looks great! The 22 Creedmoor is one of the more entertaining rifles I own. I have a feeling you'll be quite amused with it as well.
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    Reloader 26 for 280 Ackley Improved

    I have played with RL-26 in mine a bit. I tried to get it to shoot the 150 ABLR, but H4831 ended up grouping better. I shoot RL-26 in it now with the 168 ABLR. I believe my charge is 59.4 gr and I'm getting roughly 2940 out of a 24" tube. I had great luck with 7828 and the 160 AB, RL-22 with the...
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    22 creedmoor

    I was using H4831 with the 88 ELDM. Worked pretty well. I have enough rifles that use RL26 now I buy the 8 pound jugs. It's kinda like unicorn dust around here as well so I stock up when I can.
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    100 FPS worth it

    I would certainly go down that rabbit hole to find out if it is as accurate. If it isn't, stick with what's working.
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    22 creedmoor

    Thanks, it looks a lot like yours! great minds must think alike! 42gr RL26 in Alpha LRP 22CM brass. I have a long throat in mine, but it shot best with quite a bit of jump. Below is an 800 yard target while I was getting my ballistic program dialed in.
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    22 creedmoor

    I built one this last winter...hands down one of my favorite rifles. Went 3 for 3 on the 1,200 yard gong last weekend with the 95 SMK doing about 3135 with RL26 out of a 24" 1:7. I tried the 88 ELDM, but the 95 SMK shot better in my rifle at the same speed as my decent load with the 88 ELDM. I...