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    Why isn't there a 7mm 160 grn BT?

    Update: Nosler is now making a 7mm 160 grain ballistic tip.
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    New ABLR 6.5....150gr..

    What twist is recommended for these? 8? Or faster?
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    7mm-08 Quick load data

    Thanks Dr Mike! I’m going to try the 150 ABLR at an OAL of 2.85” with RL 16, RL23, RL 26 and also the tried and true Big Game. Could you run a quick load for me with those please?
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    Christiansen Mesa in 6.5 PRC

    I picked up a Kimber Montana 300 WSM and had it rebarreled to 6.5 PRC. Montana is nice because it has a 3.050” mag box. Haven’t wrung it out yet, just three shots to start breaking in barrel. Will post results as I get going.
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    The Verdict on E-Tip Bullets???

    I used the Nosler factory 7mm08 140 grain E-tip ammo last fall on mule deer at 310 yds and cow elk at 370 yds. It was on sale at SPS for $25/box and when they had 10% off it came out to $22.50b box which was too hard to pass up so I ordered several boxes. It chronographed 2,770 fps out of my...
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    7MM 140GR ETIP

    I shot a mule deer and cow elk this past year with my 7mm08 and 140 e-tips (Nosler factory ammo over runs from SPS), both animals tried but could not keep the bullet inside for me to find! Ammo chrono’d about 2,780, shots were 310 and 370 yards respectively. Very accurate bullet.
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    7mm-08 Quick load data

    Anyone have Quickload for the 150 Long Range Accubond? 22.5” barrel, 2.81” OAL.
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    7mm-08 Quick load data

    Might want to try Big Game. I’m getting 2,890 with 47 grains BG and a 140 Accubond. Could maybe go up 1/2 grain but it shoots pretty well there. 2.805 OAL.
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    6.5 Swede 140 AB RL26

    Thanks, I’m starting with Lapua brass so will start around 49 or 50 grains.
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    6.5 Swede 140 AB RL26

    SJB, If you don’t mind me asking, what brass are you using and what is your OAL? Are the loads compressed at 53 grains? I’ve got a tikka 6.5 Swede that shoots the factory Nosler 140 AB great, but want to get the velocity up to at least 2,800. Thanks! Marty (aka Kimber7man)
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    QL help please 358 Win 200 grain Accubond

    Hi, I’m loading my 358 Hoosier (a 358 win brass shortened to 1.80” length) and needing some quick load info for the 200 grain accubond since Nosler manual or website doesn’t provide any info. I loaded up several rounds from 42.0 to 44.0 grains TAC to an OAL of 2.78”. In 0.5 grain increments ie...
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    .264 120gr E-Tip. ?

    Ok so I loaded some up to mag box length of 2.81” and they grouped over 3”. Are the ETips similar to Barnes in that they need to be deeper in the case? They’re a long bullet (equal to a 130 Accubond) so I hate to take up too much case space.
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    6.5 Creedoor Bullet weight

    Tell some guys in Montana that and you’ll never see the end of the pictures....
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    Nosler 6.5mm/.264" 140gr Ballistic Tips needed

    On sale at SPS now! ... -blem.html
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    .264 120gr E-Tip. ?

    Ok so I bought some of these to try on white tails this year. Have H4350, RL17 and Ramshot Hunter. Any advice? I am looking at 3000 fps out of my 24” 8 twist barrel.
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    Peterson Brass

    If they are out of Peterson brass, try the brass made by Alpha Munitions. 100% American made and quality can’t get any better. I bought some .260 Rem brass from Alpha and it’s better than Lapua. And they package the 100 rounds in a 100 round MTM ammo box also. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Which rifles are on your wish list?

    After shooting my “new to me” .260 Remington built by Jon Beanland, my wish list now includes a Beanland 7mm SAUM hunting build.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loads for upcoming deer season.

    I just bought some of the 6.5 120 grain Etips off SPS to try in my .260. If I get a fast accurate load I think I might just use them exclusively Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loads for upcoming deer season.

    longrangehunter, that Kimber 6.5/300 WSM sounds cool. Who was your gunsmith? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loads for upcoming deer season.

    And for Indiana I may just use my 358 Hoosier with the 200 grain NAB or the 180 TTSX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk