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  1. Ridge_Runner

    .22 Vudoo just came in

    OK, gonna hafta go there, after searching relentlessly for days, can't find a traditional looking left hand 22 repeater, stiller dropped the 2500XR, could not beg Anschutz to build me a LH 54 repeater, so guess I am stuck choosing a SA 700 footprinted 22 with the huge magwell, will most probably...
  2. Ridge_Runner

    10mm used to stop the threat, Montana Style! Bear in the house..

    Mine has held up since 1993 IAI Javelina, same gun as the AMT longslide hardballer made by a sister company, shoots awesome.
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Hunt for a Man-Killing black bear!

    Been there done that! 105 gr of WC872 will make a mess!
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  5. Ridge_Runner

    .22 Vudoo just came in

    Yeah but it looks like shit on a 22
  6. Ridge_Runner

    Noem killing her dog...

    If liberals can kill babies, Christie can shoot an out of control dog!
  7. Ridge_Runner

    Tagged out in wv

    Was a frustrating season, the limbhanger made the 20th gobbler I set up on, but it was multiple gobblers every time till then, was 2 weeks into season, had called 3 gobblers in a bunch across a small field, a pair of eagles ran them off. 2 days later a pair of gobblers were coming to the call...
  8. Ridge_Runner

    .22 Vudoo just came in

    I just can't except that mag in aa 22, am trying to beg Anschutz to build me a left hand 54 repeater, or perhaps a barreled action
  9. Ridge_Runner

    Tagged out in wv

    9.5" beard/1" spurs/18# 10 oz and a limbhanger 10.25" beard/1.25" spurs/ 20# on the dot
  10. Ridge_Runner

    Unloading Bullets Kinetic Puller hack

    started telling folks about this in the 80's, those collets suck pond scum.
  11. Ridge_Runner

    Electrical wire

    II know on my employers property there is a well that is 1200', requires a 2 hp submersible pump and a 40 amp breaker, water is 440' from ground level.
  12. Ridge_Runner

    Electrical wire

    know less than nothing about wiring, but 100 amp breaker is way to much for a well pump, are there other breakers in junction boxes in line with that 100 amp circuit?
  13. Ridge_Runner

    6.5CM deer bullet choice

    135 gr. bergers do pretty good on the couple critters I have used them on. 4 shots at a grand, not shabby for a gas gun and very little load work
  14. Ridge_Runner

    I wish Mr Kingfisher would find another perch.

    put one through the left post, he will leave
  15. Ridge_Runner

    Mil vs moa

    since 1996 I have been wiring my brain to think MOA,, its what I work best with. have used mil reticles to judge a bucks spread is it, if inside spread is 1 mil or more at 500 better shoot now
  16. Ridge_Runner

    7mm-378 Wby?

    my 7mm Allen runs a 200 gr wildcat at 3300, a 160 accubond at 3575
  17. Ridge_Runner

    A reminder
  18. Ridge_Runner

    A reminder
  19. Ridge_Runner

    A reminder

    Another tidbit about vaccines