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    30-06 best loads 180 gr Nosler Part or AB

    I am loading for a buddies 1980s era rem 700 in 30-06. Loading for an elk hunt and wanting to use 180 gr bullets in partitions or Accu-bonds. Does anyone have a sure-fire powder bullet recipe?
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    Grayboe Terrain- any comments -opinions -experiences

    Looking at the Grayboe Terrain for a 257 wby build, this will be a lantelope and deer rifle with a 3-18x scope (tbd) Any experiences to report?
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    Alliant -vs -Nosler data 300 win and Rl23

    I noticed that the Alliant web shows 76.7gr (max) of RL23 with 180 gr Partitions and Nosler 9 lists 73.5 as max ??Why would this be such a large delta ? What am I missing ?
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    RL23 data for 280 AI, 30-06 and 300 Win needed

    Thank Gents ...Merry Christmas to all and may Santa bring you a new rifle that shoots in the .2's
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    RL23 data for 280 AI, 30-06 and 300 Win needed

    I have been looking for RL23 data for the following 280AI with 140gr AB & 160gr Part bullets 30-06 with 180 gr bullets Nos AB 300 Win with 180 gr bullets Nos Part Everyone has RL22 data but i am specifically looking for RL23 Does anyone know if the new Nosler book has the RL-23 powder in...
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    Primer costs....very sad

    I went to my local gun club, a private place members only, I always look at the for sale board. This time I couldnt believe my eyes, a member had posted primes for sale at $100.00 per thousand ! In my opinion this reflects poorly on this member who is taking advantage of the shortages. What...
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    257 AI testing report

    Thanks gents
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    257 AI testing report

    Greetings all. I am looking for a web based report done on the 257 AI by a civilian several years ago, the report was very well done testing several bullet weights and several powders and using two rifles a ULA m20 and a re-chambered Browning - if I recall. My loading notes and copy of this...
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    I have a rem 700 ADL that was a 300 win. I am going to rebuild the gun and am trying to figure out what & how it should be set up. I think that the Stock I will buy is the B&C Ti Mountain as the price point is good. I will have the gunsmith who re-barrels the action bed it and open up the...
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    whats your thought 7828 SSC & 300 Wtby with 200 gr Part & AB

    Update. lowered to 81.1 of 7828ssc and my velocities went up -With the Part from 3,053 (first outing) to 3,096 fps and a 3/8" & 1/2" group and still had flattened primers 18 fps e/s -With the ABs from 3,071(first outing) to 3,109 fps and 1-1/14 groups "some" sticky bolt lift on one round and...
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    whats your thought 7828 SSC & 300 Wtby with 200 gr Part & AB

    Gents I took advantage of the good weather today and hit the range with some new loads and discovered some data I wasnt expecting. 200 gr AB in 300 wtby 81.5 gr 7828 ssc a mid range load in the Nosler Bible, fed 215 and Virgin Norma brass. - the bolt was sticky on a few rounds - the primers were...
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    300 Weatherby 180 -200 AB

    thanks guys!
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    150gr LRAB for elk from 7x57maus

    Ive run the load over my shooters chrony on 2 separate occasions. The load is Nosler book max with RL 19 and a Rem 700 classic 22" bbl. I was surprised, very surprised. Bolt lift wasnt a problem, primers were identical to lower velocity loads, no change in appearance as I worked up from low...
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    300 Weatherby 180 -200 AB

    I am working up a load for elk. I have been working with 180 gr bullets for a few years and have had mediocre results. I have found the powder may have been at fault as it was deteriorating. So ... I am starting over. After reading about meat damage I am leaning towards the 200 gr AB as it...
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    150gr LRAB for elk from 7x57maus

    I've been working on a 7x57 load for a buddy with 150 LR AB's and able to get 2,900 at the muzzle with no pressure indicators. With the intention of being a 350 yard or less range for Elk do you guys think the bullet will perform well? If I go any heavier I will give up velocity and I am not...
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    Powder deterioration and impact on loads ?

    Gents, I recently contacted the manufacturer of IMR powders over a brown cloud of dust thats been visible each time I pour IMR7828 into my measure. I have been reloading for 40 years and never gave deterioration a thought. All my powder was relatively new, never had ancient powder. Well, so I...
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    257 AI powder suggestions

    I am running out of my preferred powder AA3100 and looking for a replacement. Does anyone have recommendations based on use ? I will be loading the 110 gr AB
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    7x57 Mauser -Rem 700 with RL17 & 150 grain bullets

    Results promising 150gr LRAB with 51.0 RL19 - as per the manual, produced 2,906 fps ave of 5 rounds and a 5/8" group at 100. I will test more rounds over the chrono and on paper before I change to another powder, but at this point I am pleased with the initial results. The bearing surface on...
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    7x57 Mauser -Rem 700 with RL17 & 150 grain bullets

    Hello all, Looking for firsthand experiance please Loading for a Rem 700 7x57 Mauser Loads will be with 150 gr ABs or partitions Powder would be with RL17 .. ---Im about to try RL 19 in the next week so any comments on experiance on that powder and bullet weight would be welcome In a...
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    Neck Sizing vs Full Length ---silly question

    I worked with a 280AI over the past 2 weeks and had somthing happen I have never seen before. I hadnt used this rifle in 10 years. So the brass was about 12 years old. The rifle is a ULA M24...known excellent quality platform I had fired about 50 rounds in a 3 week period I had neck sized as...