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  1. Darryle

    What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

    Alamo Precision Rifles
  2. Darryle

    What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

    I keep saying that I will use this or that come hunting season, but I always fall back on the APR 280 Ackley. It just flat puts things on the ground inside 400yds. My "plan" this fall is to use the new Tikka 223, Aero/Liberty 6.5 Grendel and the APR 6.5 Creedmoor, but the night before, that...
  3. Darryle


    I don't think so, you are seeing the very worst on social media, television and hearing it on the radio, because it sells, garners clicks and advertising dollars. We just have to look further and harder to see the American spirit and values is truly alive and well. Facebook, TikTok...
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    Vince, you'll come out of this a better person because of it. Work opened that door in Ak and now it's opening a new one. Prayer's and safe travels, looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. Darryle

    TSS #9 / 2.5 OZ pattern handload. 40 Yds/ 10" circle/ 530 pellets. Shot from my 870 Supermag 3.5". Indian Creek .665 choke. 2.5 X 8 Leupold.

    Posted this elsewhere I hunted 5 days in a row, from -6º to upper single digits, the only day we didn't limit was the day it was below zero almost the entire hunt, 5 man hunt, we were short 3 birds. They just quit flying on us. I was 1 bird short that day. 5 bird daily limit equals 24 birds...
  6. Darryle

    TSS #9 / 2.5 OZ pattern handload. 40 Yds/ 10" circle/ 530 pellets. Shot from my 870 Supermag 3.5". Indian Creek .665 choke. 2.5 X 8 Leupold.

    Here's pre TSS, original heavier than lead 1oz of Hevi-Shot, goose didn't know the difference. The choke is .001" constriction, so basically, cylinder choked. We use 8.5s and 9s
  7. Darryle

    Death of My Arken

    That is not boosting my confidence of their CS operation. They are a great option for mid-level optics, wish they were more robust internally to handle the heavy recoil, they certainly have the weight of ruggedly built optics. Edit to add: I see now yours is the EPL. My two are the EP5 5 -...
  8. Darryle

    Crummy sentencing day

    We need to dilute the chlorine in the gene pool. Saw a IG post that said we didn't have these problems growing up because we had lawn darts, big wheels and didn't have to wear seat belts, pretty much eliminated the ignorant *Edited to correct my phone's autocorrect
  9. Darryle

    Death of My Arken

    Did you ever elaborate on where the black specks came from, also I did not see what's odd, maybe I am overlooking it or my Arken has the same anomaly.
  10. Darryle

    anyone know

    Steve Rose @ Rose Action Sports He's done several for me, usually the Browning Invector in Mossberg 930 HD barrels. Excellent work and short turn around times.
  11. Darryle

    Death of My Arken

    I have an Arken EP5 and it has been fantastic on a 10lb 6.5 Creedmoor, probably why it hasn't given me any issues. I hate to hear more bad news about them, I want to believe it's growing pains, but they have had more than enough time to fix the numerous complaints they have been receiving. I...
  12. Darryle

    358 Win AR

    Been there, done that The 358 was probably the best/most fun rifle I owned, 20rds in short order, no cooling down between mags. 10rds fired, swap and dump 10 more. Hornady Custom 200gr Interlock Spire Point 20rds
  13. Darryle

    6.5 grendel scope

    8 twist 223 Wylde up top in FDE wearing a Tract Turion 3 - 9 x 40mm T-Plex 8 twist 6.5 Grendel from LoLo Tactical wearing the same Tract Turion 3 - 9 x 40mm T-Plex
  14. Darryle

    Academy Sports and Outdoors

    They have been good for me, a number of stores around between work and home.
  15. Darryle

    Remington on the move

    Sad for the community that had no control of the situation. Found this link kinda click baity. We know it's a sheer volume situation, but the average unknowing reader will instantly blame BPS/Cabela's as being irresponsible. I truly hate mass media because they feel the need to get clicks...
  16. Darryle

    Host of BC Hunting show convicted for poaching

    OK, being this far south removed from the situation. How did they even begin to know where to look for DNA evidence and the brass casing to tie these crimes together? Was this a loose lips sinks ships kinda deal? I would not even know where to begin, I'd stink as an investigator. I don't...
  17. Darryle

    Wayne admits what we all knew

    How do you think I feel Benefactor and Golden Eagles. I am also a GOA, TSRA and NSCA life member. I just hope they right the ship and get back to their core and what they originally set out to do.
  18. Darryle

    6.5 grendel scope

    That Tract Toric 2 - 10 T-Plex is on my short list for a 223 Wylde build using the 64gr Bonded Solid Base bullets.
  19. Darryle

    6.5 grendel scope

    That Maven 2 - 10 x 38mm has me constantly going back to it. The only thing holding me back is the wire reticle.