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  1. ScreaminEagle

    I don't want it, I NEED IT! CZ Mallard

    Hi Guys, It's been awhile since I've been on. I had a rough winter, but I'm back at it. I'm looking for a CZ, Mallard, 12ga. I have a nice Smith 66-I, that I would be willing to trade for it. Thanks Steve
  2. ScreaminEagle

    .224 Sierra Blitzkings 50gr

    Got some. Thanks
  3. ScreaminEagle

    .327 fedral

    My wife carries a Taurus 85 ultra light 38spcl with crimson trace grips. I load Hornady 140gr XTP's for it. They shoot very well, with little recoil. I'm not worried about losing any penetration with the lighter loads. 99% of bad guys aren't going to stay and fight it out after getting hit with...
  4. ScreaminEagle

    35 Whelen Imp.

    If your going to have someone mill the lettering off, have them do it in a CNC so they can engrave it at the same time. I too was a little bummed about the lettering on my last build. Barrel was stamped 257 ACK. Maybe I'm OCD!
  5. ScreaminEagle

    Well it turns out ......

    Freakin shaweeet!
  6. ScreaminEagle

    Scratch one off the bucket list

    Nice. I got an HRA special grade a few years ago. I use a 150gr bullet, over 48gr of W748, with a CCI 250 primer. Its safe on the gun and I have shot some impressive groups with it.
  7. ScreaminEagle

    Watch your handloads, blown rifle

    There is an old 12ga shotgun at my local club that was scattered pretty good. Seems if you put a 12ga shell in, on top of a 20ga shell, the results are not pleasant. More of a loading, than reloading, accident.
  8. ScreaminEagle

    257 Roberts

    Push a Nosler 85gr BT with a near max load of IMR4350 and it with explode!
  9. ScreaminEagle

    .224 Sierra Blitzkings 50gr

    Looking for 20 or so to try out. Thanks Steve
  10. ScreaminEagle

    Whidden Hydraulic Forming Die

    Yeah, I find it a waste of components and barrel life. I'll report my findings. For $150, if it works as advertised, I could see myself building more wildcats. Steve
  11. ScreaminEagle

    Whidden Hydraulic Forming Die

    Just faxed my reamer print out to Carrrie. Great CS so far. Can't wait to have it in my hands! I hate fireforming. I'll report back with my results. Steve Here is a link: ... -form-die/
  12. ScreaminEagle

    25 wssm

    Get a .257 Roberts AI.
  13. ScreaminEagle

    .257 Roberts AI - interesting info from Barsness

    Thanks Guy! Still working on a load for my 257 Ackley. Using IMR 4350 and 100gr BT. I went away from the 110gr AB since they are so scarce. Steve
  14. ScreaminEagle

    Springfield Armory XD

    Get a Kahr CM9 if you're serious about getting a carry pistol. I've shot them both, and I'll never get rid of my Kahr! Steve
  15. ScreaminEagle

    New Nightforce... WTH????

    Shoulda smacked it with a book! HAHA
  16. ScreaminEagle

    Need factory synthetic stock for savage 93R

    Got one! Thanks Troy
  17. ScreaminEagle

    remington brass

    Do what I'm gonna do, and order a custom hydraulic forming die from Hornady! Steve
  18. ScreaminEagle

    Name this bullet

    remington psp
  19. ScreaminEagle

    Anyone ever make 257 roberts brass outta 6mm brass?

    Alright, thanks guys Steve
  20. ScreaminEagle

    Anyone ever make 257 roberts brass outta 6mm brass?

    Is it possible? Just run my 6mm brass into the 257 roberts and done? Steve