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    I landed in NM. Didn’t stop to smell the roses along the way. I’m wanting to get to work so I can pay off some friends I had to borrow from. I hate owing money. Vince
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    700 rebarrel ?

    WT, You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your father. Prayers for you and your family. Vince
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    Those whom know me know I’m anything but liberal. The time has come for me to take a play, or two, out of the liberal playbook. I can no longer support this country or its so called leaders. I don’t feel represented in Washington D.C. or at the state level. This nation has been divided and we...
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    Thank you. I would love to meet and get to know one another but unless something untoward occurs I plan to be in New Mexico by then. Vince
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    I don’t know what the big guy has in store for me but I had a heart attack while in Seattle waiting for the barge to bring my Jeep. Got two stents in the RCA to accompany the one that was already there. Still in Seattle waiting on the barge. Went to the hospital by ambulance on Sunday morning...
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    I’m not an ally of the united states nor do I believe she will exist much longer. I cannot in good conscience pledge my allegiance to her. Treasonous politicians with treacherous plans does not a country I love and respect make. Vince
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    New job

    Congratulations on the new job. Vince
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    Sad Day

    I’m sorry for your loss. All we can do is try to be the person our dog thinks we are. Vince
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    Finally broke the jinx

    Nice job! Vince
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    Tucson Mountain rifle range.

    Watch the crosswinds at the 1,000 Yard range. It’s “interesting “. Vince
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    Tucson Mountain rifle range.

    That’s my hometown rifle range. Best place to shoot as far as I’m concerned when it comes to rifle. Let them know you’re a LEO. Vince
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    2025 Spring Hunt

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    Guided Hunt, Travel through Canada, thoughts

    Lots of good knowledge in your post. Thank you for sharing. Vince
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    Thanks. I’m bummed. Vince
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    Back Surgery #3

    Praying for no complications and a quick recovery. Vince
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    Wish it was better news but it is what it is. I made a judgement call at work that turned out to be the wrong one. So, being that they were fully staffed, I got my walking papers. I got offered a couple jobs in Anchorage but then I got offered the same job and salary in New Mexico. In short...
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    Crummy sentencing day

    Sums it up. Vince
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    Back to the old job

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Vince
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    I want to see the northern lights but I’m going to Valdez on my next rotation of days off.
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    Archery Moose

    I will bathe daily in Deet.