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    2020 Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Scotty, That was a great hunt! Thanks for sharing it with us. Congrats to your whole camp on a successful trip! Bret
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    ithaca model 37 ultra featherlight 20 gauge

    I currently have a BPS in 12 ga and while I shoot it ok and it fits me better than my old 37, it doesn't carry as well at all. It is heavier and the wrist of the stock is really too thick for my hands. Things you don't notice about a gun until you've carried it for a few days afield. My old...
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    Two new aquisitions

    One more thing on the 783. Mine took about 50 rounds to break in the barrel. Prior to that, it was nothing special, but after about 50 rounds I was really surprised how accurate it was.
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    Two new aquisitions

    I had a 783 in .308 that I gave to my nephew eventually. It was probably the most consistently accurate deer rifle I own. Not pretty, not quite as smooth as my M700 or push feed M70. But in .308 with a pillar bedded plastic stock, magnum contour barrel, and their version of an accutrigger, it...
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    Well that worked out.

    Well done. That's a good trade. If you like that safety and it clears your scope ok, you can get a Timney without safety for $50-60 online. That's what I did with my sporterized Mauser. It too had no markings on the receiver, but when heated up to cast the chamber I could faintly see the...
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    Scope advice needed.

    Fotis, check with your manager at SW. When I used to work at Gander Mountain part time years ago, employees could get "pro" discounts on many items which usually amounted to getting it for cost. I think I probably spent as much as I made over the years there. Good luck on your search
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    Ever have a gun you were afraid to shoot?

    ShadeTree, Go ahead and shoot that Axis. It was meant to be used. I did a similar thing when I picked up a Remington 783 in 308. Not much to look at, but one of the most consistently accurate guns I own. But I never used it much after initial break in and load development. My nephew was in...
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    280 Remington IMR-4350 140 gr Accubond

    I've used IMR 4350 in my 280 for years. They go together we'll, though I have found some bullets that like other powders better. In mine, RL19 works best with the 140 AB. Find out exactly how far off the lands you are and save that load, it's a keeper for sure.
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    When to call it quits on a bullet

    Sounds like you have 2 loads all set already with Hornady and the GS. 3.5" groups aren't real confidence inspiring. There's a lot of other good bullets worth trying, or stick with what you have.
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    Boundary Hunting Question

    I'd probably check with a CO before hunting that area, but for sure after the animal was shot and before you went into the other unit to track it, I'd make another call to the CO. That's not a situation you want to have to ask forgiveness for after the fact when the CO catches you packing meat...
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    7mm mag or .308 for elk??

    I would say the 7mm mag would have a slight advantage out west on elk, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 308, especially if you wanted a lightweight mountain rifle. Another option is to get another 270. Then you and your hunting partner never have different or wrong ammo on hand...
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    243 win.

    My 243 shot both 90 and 95 gr ballistic tips very well. I would think either of those would work well for your purposes too. But you can't go wrong with the partitions either. I thought I saw there was a Federal Trophy bonded tip in 6mm now, but could be wrong. That is another very good...
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    Meat friendly .270 Winchester "woods load"?

    I used a 130 gr Federal Trophy bonded tip this year and was very happy with the performance. But it was also a perfectly broadside 50 yard behind the shoulder shot that clipped the heart. I think I would've gotten great performance from any of the bullets I load for hunting with that presented...
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    Old brass/ cracks

    I've had split necks in my 243, even after one loading. They would either split when you shot them, or as you were seating the bullets. It was Federal brass that was not that old. Some older Remington brass for my 280 also split necks, but that was after probably 5+ reloads. Got some old...
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    SWFA Super Sniper

    I guess Scotty's experience should tell you something about how robust the SS scopes are: the slight bend in the tube cause the rifle's action to bend or bind when the scope was torqued down. I've never heard that one before, and yet the 6x scope still tracks fine. Wish I would've had the...
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    Bushnell Customer Service

    Good to hear. I have a set of Bushnell Trophy binocs that the twist up eyecup came off on that need to get sent in. The customer service tech said send them in, no questions asked and we'll send out another pair. I explained my only worry is if the new set has the same eyecup design, they...
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    .257 Norma Weatherby Magnum

    That's a beauty. I'd be inclined to leave it as is for now, especially since you have the dies, brass and info on it.
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    Trophy Hunting?

    They are all trophies, every last one of them.
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    Sierra Gamechanger

    This month's Rifle Shooter magazine has a short article on the GameChanger, including a cross section picture. They are definitely constructed with a much thicker jacket than a Game King, which they show cross sectioned too for comparison. I have some loaded up for testing in my 270, but have...
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    Cow elk success

    Congrats on both hunts! Job well done by hunters and the .270.