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    Powder in my area.

    Very impressive! I wish my LGS had that type of selection. However, it is coming back. I saw a pound of Retumbo at my local Bass Pro a couple weeks ago. First time I've seen it on a shelve since this whole mess started.
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    Couple More Component Sources

    Thanks for posting! Seems to be several new companies popping up. Its great to hear positive reviews on the legit ones.
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    The magazine measures 3.4" in my rifle
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    Just thought I'd post a little update. Currently the only 7mm bullets I've been able to get my hands on are Barnes LRX 139 and 145s. I ran ladders with both bullets using H4831sc and developed loads from there. The 139 could do no wrong with the worst group close to 3/4" and the best at 3/8...
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    About to lose me as customer:(

    I'm starting to see Nosler ammo show up at my local dealers. I picked up 4 boxes of 280ai the other day. Hopefully there will be more availability of cartridges soon
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    Ok since nobody wants to talk to the new guy, I'll just go ahead and post a review incase anyone finds themself in the same situation as me. LOL I decided to go ahead and order a Mtn Carbon in 280ai from gunbroker sight unseen. This was the first time I've ordered a rifle without handling it...
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    Hello folks! I just joined this forum looking for information on the Nosler Mtn Carbon. I've been looking for a Mtn rifle in 280ai for quite a while and upon finding the Mtn Carbon, it seemed to check all the boxes. So doing a search only led me to mostly gunwriter reviews but no real world...