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    Grendel Finished

    With him not loading you may want to try Hornady Black Grendel loads. Both of mine shoot them well, one really well.
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    Bolt Action .224 Valkyrie

    Bighorn Origin actions are your friend if you want to build one. 6.8 bolt. MDT mag. If you’re doing a bolt and hand loading what about a 220 Thunderbolt. You’re going to max out in the Valkyrie at 2900-2950 and wear out some brass. Thunderbolt in a bolt goes 3000 pretty...
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    Ummm, Scotty! You need this. :grin: :grin:
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    Think I found my "go to" rifle. 6.5 Grendel bolt action.

    I run a couple gas Grendels. Cool cartridge and as Scotty said, very capable. For deer don’t overlook the Speer 120 gr Gold Dot. Impressive bullet.
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    QL Req 6.5 PRC 142 ABLR

    Don’t overlook 4831, from about 53 gr up
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    Quick load 6.5 Grendel

    8208 XBR is an excellent suggestion. Works well in mine.
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    Could I rechamber a 243Win to 6mmBR or 6mmDasher?

    Yessir, I would think that possible at least in the Dasher
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    Could I rechamber a 243Win to 6mmBR or 6mmDasher?

    I’d think you could with shortening it a bit. 243 is around .452-.453 at the base of the shoulder, Dasher is .459. With the improved shoulder on the Dasher it should be ok to run a reamer up in there and with the shortened chamber, be ok to set headspace. I’d probably lean Dasher because of...
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    Ruger American Predator 6.5 Grendel: thoughts and opinions

    Not that rifle but an AR in the Grendel. Fun cartridge and probably a lot more “able” than it gets credit for. In an AR you’re limited by mag length but may have a little more room in the bolt. The Speer 120 Gold Dot May be terrific for a bonded bullet in it. My AR likes them. The various 123 gr...
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    Winchester 1886 in 45-90!!

    Sweet rifle Fotis! I’m envious
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    Old school powders.

    RL7 is pretty good in a 45-70 too.
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    Do barrels "get faster"?

    I believe they should speed up. Even if hand lapped there is still lots of bumps and such in there. As they wear down resistance and drag should lower at least to a point. Whether or not you buy the fire lapping method, the smoothing of the various inconsistencies is the idea behind that. Scotty...
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    Ql help

    Sierra says 20.3 max w 90s. You could work up. Don’t overlook the 80 ELD with H4895. Work up to around 25 gr. Supersonic to 1100.
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    New handgun en route!

    Just saw this. You’re going to like that Fotis. I’m a 10mm freak. Can’t seem to pass one up. :grin: Price is right on the XD’s also. Nice pickup.
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    Old school powders.

    I agree. I am a huge H4831 fan. Just seems to fit many of what I load for with good results. I always have quite a bit on hand. I could also find it back during the component disaster a few years back. 4895 is another favorite.
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    7x57 Mauser -Rem 700 with RL17 & 150 grain bullets

    Yeah Scotty No reason not to run it up there with modern rifles and good brass.
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    7x57 Mauser -Rem 700 with RL17 & 150 grain bullets

    Please note that SAAMI set pressure at 51k so I left that alone. Cartridge : 7 x 57 mm Mauser (SAAMI) Bullet : .284, 150, Nosler Accubond LR 58734 G7 Useable Case Capaci: 51.325 grain H2O = 3.332 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 3.071 inch = 78.00 mm Barrel Length : 22.0 inch...
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    45 Long Colt

    FWIW the Lil Gun will get you speed but with a pretty healthy bark. I loaded some 230s up with it and they move along smartly. The Trail Boss loads are easy shooting loads and quite accurate. 11 gr power pistol w a 250 shoot nicely right around 1000 fps.
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    223 bolt action?

    If you’re going to shoot 75s or 77s in the fast twist 223s 23.4-23.5 gr 8208 XBR pretty much hits the “easy button”.
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    How much gap between the forearm and barrel to free float?

    I’ve not seen or heard of a Hart barrel that won’t shoot. If they’re close enough to you I’d call them and saddle up and run down there. Those guys know rifles. They may even see something else and give advice. I would also look at your load workup (not inferring you don’t work up good stuff by...