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  1. TXbaldhunter

    Ramshot Grand

    Sounds like it's going to be a good powder.I think all the new versions of Ramshot powders are being made here in the USA by St Marks powder company in Florida.They used to be made in Belgium and said so on the labels.The labels are different now and does not have any country of origin on it.St...
  2. TXbaldhunter

    Too old.

    The 30-06 isn't too old,it was just born before it's time.With modern rifles, powders,bullets,it's better than it ever was.I often wonder if it was introduced today as a new cartridge,no telling what it's popularity would be.Once I started loading for it,I grew a great appreciation for just how...
  3. TXbaldhunter

    Alliant Powder Availability

    I recently bought a couple of 8lb jugs of pulled down powder from American Reloading.I got one jug of MP655(Winchester 780 Supreme) $209.00 free shipping and hazmat.I'll use this to save some of my dwindling supply of Winchester WXR.I also picked up an 8lb jug of MP625(Hunter) for $178.00 free...
  4. TXbaldhunter

    Cheap .30cal Heavyweights

    You might find some errors in American Reloading's comments below the product they list.These 220gr bullets say great for 30-30.Probably should have been 30-06 instead.When was the last time you heard of 220gr 30-30's?30-06,but not 30-30 right?I saw about the same thing on their comments.Saw...
  5. TXbaldhunter

    Couple of Hornady 7mm Bullets

    I think the earlier SST's were a lot like the earlier Ballistic Tips and both were quite explosive in some calibers and bullet weights.Now the jackets on both bullets are thicker and stay together a lot better.Congrats on your kills.
  6. TXbaldhunter


    I'd like to think that way,but the reality is, foreign companies are taking control of the ammunition market.Endless wars and long term US government and NATO contracts are making it very hard on the public consumer of those products...
  7. TXbaldhunter


    I went to my local Academy store this morning and after I did my shopping I went to the gun section to check out their limited reloading supplies.Not much there other than a selection of Hornady bullets.Glanced behind the gun counter and low and behold there was five different powders on...
  8. TXbaldhunter


    You know,if a person was just getting interested in hunting,reloading and just shooting,can they afford it.I'm starting to feel like we are the last of a dying breed.Everytime I turn around the prices keep going up and up and up.I wouldn't say I hoarded stuff,but I've accumulated a good supply...
  9. TXbaldhunter

    Finding the load in a troubling rifle...

    Other things that could give you problems,if the barrel was cut off,could be a crown issue.Another thing could be the stock.I assume the stock was removed.If so make sure the action is not binding,bolts properly torqued,poor bedding,barrel touching the barrel channel of the stock,just to name a...
  10. TXbaldhunter

    7mm 160 gr Partition discontinued?

    Some more places to find them.
  11. TXbaldhunter

    35 Whelen or 35 Whelen AI

    Those Ruger 1's have really gone up in value.Since yours is unfired,it would really carry a primo price,most likely $1500.00 or more.I'd think twice before changing it from it's original chambering.As for a nice handling 35 Whelen,have you looked at the CVA Scouts in the 35 Whelen?I bought one...
  12. TXbaldhunter

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    I have two,one is built off a Ruger 77 Tang Safety with a 26" Shaw barrel.The other is a Remington 700 with a 26" Hart barrel.They both shoot about the same.The 308 Norma Mag brass I have is way softer than any brass I've ever used.I have to load a grain or two less with the Norma or I get loose...
  13. TXbaldhunter

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    I agree with both of you and I have some of the 200gr Accubonds. and may use them next time. Choosing a good stout bullet gives you a little more insurance in getting the job done.I shot a red stag with my 300 Win Mag using a 180gr Ballistic Tip.This one was at 125yds,MV 3140fps,hit onside...
  14. TXbaldhunter

    New Zealand Red Stag

    Congrats on your awesome stag!!!
  15. TXbaldhunter

    Brass used in Reloading Manuals?

    I'd say the brass used in testing is new brass.I've bought thousands of once-fired brass from a ballistic tech who was doing pressure testing.The brass he sold usually was in lots of 250-500 the same headstamp.Most of it was Winchester,Remington or Hornady.I was getting most of the brass I have...
  16. TXbaldhunter

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    They do have some good stags but they don't advertise hunts anymore.I got in through a friend of the ranch owner.I've hunted there for the last five years.They are considered culls if they don't have the typical three point crown at the tip of the antlers.I don't mind shooting culls,they way...
  17. TXbaldhunter

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    Texas has a lot of exotic game,mostly in the central part of the state.I'm lucky to have a private ranch about 20 miles from my home in Corpus Christi that lets me hunt their cull stags.I really like the meat and they are a good freezer filler too.
  18. TXbaldhunter

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    I killed this Red Stag with a 308 Norma Magnum using a 180gr Accubond.I guess you could say this was a good test for the Accubond and shows the importance of using a stout bullet when shooting larger elk type game animals.Hitting heavy bones can happen and really do a number on a bullet.I shot...
  19. TXbaldhunter

    WLR Primers

    Why not contact Winchester and let them know about your issues along with the lot number on the box.I too had some issues with Winchester primers I had bought between 2008 and 2012.I sent back 5,000 and they paid me a little more than what I paid for them or I could have requested them to just...
  20. TXbaldhunter

    7mm -3300/160; 3200/175?

    Here is a thread on the 7mm/300WM