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  1. cloverleaf

    Wednesday Bird Watch

    For those among you who a Tech Savvy- I would really like to share some video my friend took Via a camera in his wood duck house- but the format (MP4 video) is not a copy paste operation. If anyone has some insight on how I can make that happen, please PM me. Thansk CL
  2. cloverleaf

    7mm BR XP-100

    Yup noticed that barrel too. My question is-- what am I doing with an extra 6 inches of barrel? Its obviously not needed and sure hasnt helped me shoot groups that small! Nice work
  3. cloverleaf

    700 rebarrel ?

    WT- Sorry for your loss. We are fortunate that we have had good examples and memories w/ our fathers. May the bring you comfort and peace as you grieve. CL
  4. cloverleaf

    Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 adjustments

    This is not info for a Leupold, but maybe it will help. These intructions came with a K-4 Weaver circa 1964 or so. These had friction adjustments with hash marks as I recall. Some body out there might have original directions for a Leupold. Again, these are for a weaver.
  5. cloverleaf

    Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 adjustments

    I know of a couple like that, that have not moved zero in YEARS. If you need newer technology and want to sell it, let me know! Zeroing is a bit of a guestimation but they tend to stay put. CL
  6. cloverleaf


    Thank your good wife for her service to our country and, more importantly her moral conviction and integrity, and reminding those who need to know what integrity looks like. CL
  7. cloverleaf

    Happiness is Jugs

    Years ago- when I was still coming to terms with hunting with a 12ga slug, I hit upon the idea of hanging a Bleach jug full of water on a bungee cord up against the plywood target backer at my local range. First time I hit one of them with a 12ga slug at 100 yards, I was hooked! D@mn...
  8. cloverleaf

    Savage coyote rig

    Now why didnt I think of that?!?? With a set up like that I could make points with the wife, doin' "dish duty" and still keep one eye out the window for ol'e Wiley. Pretty slick. CL
  9. cloverleaf

    Finally broke the jinx

    Looks like a beautiful way to spend a spring morning! (or several... :) ) Super nice that it works into a filled tag for you! CL
  10. cloverleaf

    Sad Day

    The good Lord made good dogs to show us what unconditional love should look like. Sorry for your loss- tough decisions, but sometimes just the best thing to do. CL
  11. cloverleaf

    .257 100 Gr. BT's actually found!

    I think this is the first box I've seen in at least 3 years. I box of 50 on the shelf was $26 with tax. Double what the last one cost me but I guess "unobtainium" is pricey. CL
  12. cloverleaf

    Back at it again with the 22 hornet!

    I Knew we would see one of those "Fotis" one hole targets eventually, Skilled at your craft sir, and apparently a fine shot too. BTW- didnt you know the "hornet isnt very accurate..." 😆CL
  13. cloverleaf


    Sorry to hear that Vince. As I guy who never had the guts to "make the jump" on a career move/ relocation like that, you have my admiration. You've already proven you are capable of things many are not, or arent willing to do. Keep moving forward. CL
  14. cloverleaf

    Back Surgery #3

    Sorry for your troubles. "another horse to saddle...." Prayer for full and speedy recovery. CL
  15. cloverleaf

    Happy 4.16

    Pretty fearsome looking round. Kills on both ends I bet. Could be fun! CL
  16. cloverleaf

    Modern Gun Crowd

    Did somthing similar to a friends 10" plate with my 12 ga. He was a good sport about it, but he had to borrow a metal detector to find his plate back. Serves him right for setting up on the edge of a slough. 🤣 CL
  17. cloverleaf

    Getting soft

    Knew I had it some where...... a pic of Dad and I in "the pits" along the Missouri river. Hostes apple pie alfresco.... many, many years ago. I was probably 16, getting river silt all over my birthday present- a brand new Winchester. Reloading note: That year was probably one of the first...
  18. cloverleaf

    257 Roberts ready for Antelope

    Missed this one... That is a handsome goat! Like how his cutter curl around. Nice and dark too! Classic cartridge..... CL
  19. cloverleaf

    Modern Gun Crowd

    Public sight in..... Guy sits at the bench with a "modern sporting rifle". He Cant get his gas block adjusted so he can shoot a five shot group. Scope seems off by about a foot. I know nothing about this so I sit back and watch and try to ask reasonable questions. He Offers to let me shoot...
  20. cloverleaf

    700 rebarrel ?

    Prayers for your Dad and your family. A hart barrel on your Dads 30-06 is sure a good way to honor him. Maybe some time together at the bench will be in your future. CL