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    Pigs down

    nice hunt
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    Looking for 270 WSM BRASS!

    I have 10 you can have. Once fired nickel brass.
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    RCBS Small Base dies 5.7X28 (FN)

    Price reduced to $75
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    264win mag brass.

    Sorry Win and Rem
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    264win mag brass.

    I have 167 pieces of 264win mag brass to sell. Win and Rem brass mix. 34 are primed 26 are deprimed and 107 are fired Price is $125 for all plus USPS Flat rate shipping of $20 cash, check or USPS money order.
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    .257 100 Gr. BT's actually found!

    I have a bunch of them in 257 and 30cal to sell. Need to find out the going price. I do not use them anymore.
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    RCBS 6mm/24caliber Collet Bullet Puller

    Sold my 6mm rifle so no longer need this. A new in the package RCBS Standard Bullet Puller Collet .24/6mm and part number 09421. Paid $11.98+ tax for it and asking $5 for it plus shipping
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    RCBS Small Base dies 5.7X28 (FN)

    I have a new unused set of RCBS 5.7X28 Small Base reloading dies with the paperwork and a new in the package shell holder that I will not need. The shell holder sells for $6.50+ and the dies for $90-150 depending on the selling company. I will take $80 for everything plus USPS shipping. If can...
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    2024 hunting plans

    Calif-Ducks with son-in law, blacktail deer with a friend and my daughter and son-in-law, Ground squirrels (if I can find a place). Texas maybe Aoudad Myself only Wisconsin-whitetail deer, red stag and maybe Blackbuck and Buff(Bison) with my daughter and son-in-law. All depends on what happens...
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    Old Barnes X bullets vs Tipped TSX

    The X-bullet was not a good choice. The TTSX and LRX are great bullets.
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    Spam cans Need info on them.

    so true. I am not feeling so great with this cancer surgery hurting and such so I jumped to conclusions. My bad.
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    Spam cans Need info on them.

    with the laws I have to deal with make it very hard. Then there is the weight for the cost of shipping. You might find out more info before you run off at the mouth. If you want to pay the shipping and the Calif mandated costs I will gladly sell them to anyone. Care to step up to the plate and...
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    Spam cans Need info on them.

    Yes I plan to sell them but cannot ship them.
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    Spam cans Need info on them.

    thanks for your help. Looks like it goes for $400-635 for the 7.62X39 and $235-400 for the 7.62X54R. I will price mine lower. Thanks again for the help
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    Spam cans Need info on them.

    I have 4 spam cans that are 7,62X54R (at least 2 of them. I also have a lead looking one that has 7.62X39 ammo. Then there are 2 sealed plastic bags(battle packs) that I am sure are 7.62X39. I bought them years ago and forgot about them. What I need to know is what are they for sure and how...
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    454Casull data 260 Nosler PAR & 265 gr Swift A-Frame

    I want to take my 16" Encore pistol hunting for Red Stag and large Whitetail deer this year. I have some 260gr Nosler PAR and some 265gr Swift A-Frame bullets. I looked up the 265ge A-Frames but with 116% fill using H-110 I am not sure I can get it all in the Starline brass. The Nosler is...
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    Finding the load in a troubling rifle...

    could be a problem with the crown on the barrel and not the loads.
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    Ramshot Hunter

    I got a pound or 2 locally but have been unable to go to the range and test it. I am in California
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    Investment opportunity missed- Really???

    The VX-III is vintage??? Heck I still have a couple of Varri-X scopes from the 1970's and a couple of VX-I and VX-2 scopes. What should I ask for them. :) I also have a discontinued VX3i fine duplex 6.5X20X40 still in the sealed box. It sold for $750 new (and it is still NIB and factory sealed...