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    Took my 22-284 to the range today

    This chambering came about when I mis-cut a 22-250 AI chamber on a 26" 9 twist barrel I had. It was a lemons to lemon-aid undertaking so to say. I had a bag of 70 gr. RDF seconds that I decided to use for load development, as I was unable to find an accurate load for them in my 223 and 224...
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    Dr. Mike: "What this President did to those who were our allies in Afghanistan is morally indefensible and criminal. I have no doubt that good people in State and in Defense are embarrassed for the diminished status of America. Good for Catherine for making her feelings clear." Couldn't have...
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    270 Win SGK 130gn H4831 ladder test.

    My experience with 130 gr. bullets in a 270, the powder sweet spot for performance are powders are: H4350, RL-17, RL-19. My 270 has a 24" barrel and all three of these powders deliver accuracy in my rifle and with higher velocity than H4831 generates. If you're not getting the accuracy you are...
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    270win ladder Barnes TTSX130gn, Norma brass, RL17

    RL-17 makes my 270 rock with 130 gr. bullets. You have plenty of pressure headroom to increase the amount of RL-17 and perhaps going forward you will find the magic point of power and accuracy.
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    Handgun Ballistic Gel Testing

    I'm a Speer Gold Dot guy, but it's nice to see that there are other choices that perform well.
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    Back at it again with the 22 hornet!

    Be sure to try the 40 gr Nosler VG and 300MP powder in your Hornet. It's magic in mine. John
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    I'm seeing H4350 locally for far less than that. I'm wondering if the manufacturers are having retailers "bid" on available powder and some pay elevated prices just to have something on the shelf to sell.
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    Move to California they said, they weather is great they said. 10 feet of snow and 100 MPH winds expected

    There are some impressive YouTube videos of the weather available for viewing.
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    222 Rem Thoughts

    If there are "seconds" for someone living in Oregon, please let me know. John
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    35 Whelen or 35 Whelen AI

    I have a 35 Whelen, 35 Whelen AI, a 375 Whelen AI, and a 9.3x63mm all on Mauser actions. Of those, the 9.3 is my go to rifle. Just sayin... John
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    Wayne and NRA found guilty

    Let's not all jump on him and beat him down..... On second thought, that's exactly what he deserves.
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    .22 Long rifle picks

    All this high tech.... My old school barrel bobed and suppressed 581 Remington toys with MOA accuracy off the bench at 100 yards with Norma TAC 22 subsonic on a calm day and even better with R50. Not saying this is the be all 22 rimfire, but that old rifle can stack them into a tight group...
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    Anyone using 150 gr AccuBond in a 7mm-08?

    I have only found speed with these bullets, the accuracy is marginal.
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    Anyone using 150 gr AccuBond in a 7mm-08?

    If I push it hard, I can get a 150 LRAB going 2700 fps out of the 20" barrel of my 700Ti
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    Quick load request.

    GRT => Gordon's Reloading Tool is like Quickload, but is free and not as comprehensive. My 416 Taylor sports a 24" barrel, but 83.6 gr of RL-17 pushing a 350 Speer GS delivers 2622 fps and 5344 fpe in my rifle. It's a max load, and you really don't need to load it that hard to get performance in...
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    Quick load request.

    Greetings from another 416 Taylor owner. GRT shows these max loads with a 25.5" barrel: 72.0 IMR 4064 2527 fps 73.0 IMR 4166 2528 fps 79.0 RS Big Game 2560 fps If you can find some RL-17 it really makes the Taylor hum.
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    Two and a half pound folding 30-30?

    5.5 lbs according to a different spec sheet I found. If you were looking for a compact rifle for a float plane, it might have a purpose. Personally I'd opt for an additional 18 ounces and take my Rem 700 Ti in 7mm-08
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    Wayne admits what we all knew

    Rikers Island Room for 1 Please.....
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    New 375 H&H Mag.

    I have the same rifle in my safe. One rifle to rule them all.....
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    Advice Needed: Powder choice for 150gr. Accubond in .270Win

    Where did you hear that RL-26 is being discontinued?