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    What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

    I too enjoy using various cartridges/rifles for the experience of learning about them, handloading and shooting them, and using them on game!
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    2024 Spring Brown Bear Hunt Report

    My grizzly in 1998 fell in a depression too! We were mountain goat hunting and surprised the bear at 20 yards. He ran to 40, then turned and slowly came back towards us. First frontal shot was in the spine (shoulder hump) at 8 yards, as his head was down in front of his vitals. A moment later he...
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    6.5x55 Swede

    You'll want to keep in mind that most SAAMI loads for the 6.5x55 are kept to the lower pressures for the older Scandinavian military rifles (e.g. normal velocities for a 140 gr bullet kept to approx 2650 fps), whereas the pressures used for modern firearms are higher (e.g. velocities for a 140...
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    2024 Spring Brown Bear Hunt Report

    Great adventure! Memories to cherish for years to come!
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    What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

    My new LH Rem 700 358 Win will see field time this fall for moose and elk. Deer season should see me packing the Model 88 in 250 Savage in the thick timber, and the 6.5 PRC or the 270 WSM for open terrain (both LH X Bolts). All 4 of these rifles need to be hunted and take game.
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    Townsend Whelen’s Best Cartridges List

    Best Antelope: 257 Roberts Best Whitetail: 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser/6.5 Creedmoor Best Mule Deer: 270 Win Best Caribou: 280 Rem Best Elk: 338 Win Mag Best Moose: 338-06 A Square Best Mountain Sheep/Goat: 280 Rem Best Black Bear: 358 Win Best Grizzly/Brown bear: 9.3x62 Best all Around: 300 WSM
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    Quick range trip 850 yards

    Gotta love it when everything comes together! 😁
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    2024 Hunting Season

    Yes, the nyala is a beautiful animal. It will be shoulder mounted. The rest will be European mounts (skull and horns). We will also get flat skins tanned from the springbok, impala, and kudu. We actually saw quite a few nyala bulls, and I got the 3rd one seen, which turned out to be the largest...
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    Pigs down

    Sounds like a good time had by all! Glad to hear good things about the 338 RPM! Were you able to recover any bullets?
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    2024 Hunting Season

    I forgot to mention that we were able to recover 3 bullets from these animals; the nyala, the kudu and the warthog. All other bullets completely passed through the animals. Forgot to include the ammo's factory listed specs: BC 0.353 SD 0.271 Muzzle velocity 2936 fps Energy 3456 ft. lbs @ 100...
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    2024 Hunting Season

    My nyala: The 1946 Jeep, Corsa tracker Molumme and tracking dog, Nitro:
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    2024 Hunting Season

    Susan and I made home from Africa last night! The trip covered over 33,000 miles with 3 days travel from NEBC to the Eastern Cape province of of SA, and 3 days to return home...with 15 hours of driving and 22 hours of flight time included during each 3 day period. We spent 6 days hunting, one...
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    2024 Hunting Season

    Congrats on a very mature sow!
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    Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 adjustments

    Currently have 5, 2.5-8's, 4 with the B&C reticle. 3 are on my Model 88's (250 Savage, 7mm-08 and 338 Federal), and 2 are on my wife's rifle's (250 Savage (duplex) and 6.5 CM). Great scopes! Rugged, reliable, and a good blend of lower power for brush hunting, while enough power for longer shots...
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    LH 358 Win

    Well, finally took the new 358 out to the range to try it out today, while Susan spent more time with the 6.5 CM getting ready for the trip to Africa next week. Was a beautiful day today! Sunny and 14 degrees C, with very little breeze. Shot only factory loads after zeroing the rifle at 100...
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    Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 adjustments

    As stated above, this is the friction adjustment on the older Vari X scopes, and yes, the numbers were more for reference than moa type adjustments. Close, but not exact. Trial and error and shooting verified the adjustment of the scope. And as stated, they held zero very well. Not every...
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    A little more love for the 300 HH

    Hard to imagine what you couldn't kill cleanly with 180 gr 30 cal bullet at 2900 fps!
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    New article and video up with the 30 caliber 200 gr Nosler Partition playing a key role:

    A lot of great advice here! Great handling rifles that you shoot well is top priority. Pair it with good optics that will provide a good field of view at extremely close range, while allowing for precision out to 300 yards, if needed. Pair these with a cartridge loaded with a good bullet that...
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    .257 100 Gr. BT's actually found!

    You don't want to know what they are worth here in the far north! Hope you grabbed them!
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    Guided Hunt, Travel through Canada, thoughts

    "I'd rather be down to two or three rifles, and have this hunt, than to have twenty rifles." Been downsizing the rifle collection to help with hunt expenses...only a couple of weeks til we (wife and I) head out for Africa! And then the Father/Daughter hunt in Colorado for archery antelope and...