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    Load development for Rem-Hart_30-06

    A little off topic here but what was your overall experience with Hart? I have a rifle that’s been waiting for a re-barrel and want to use Hart due to their locality and past reputation. BTW - I have three 30-06’s that I reload for which use 180g PTs over 58-62g of RL-22. How many rounds do...
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    Long, dark, cold...and overthinking guns. Again.

    If I had an Alaskan zip code, I would be carrying a 358Norma. You can use any standard length action to get a very versatile and efficient cartridge. Consider a 200gr AB @ 3150fps or a 225gr AB @ 3000fps or a 250gr PT @ 2800fps or 280gr A-Frame @ 2650fps. That covers the whole gamut of big game...
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    Busin Caps-2014

    Do you sell them for scrap metal or just accumulate to see how much you've shot?
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    You have got to kidding me!!!!!!!

    Agree with OT3. Have to be shill bidders.
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    130 B-Tip from a 270 Win

    I've re-introduced these into my .270 lineup of late. I lost faith soon after their original release due to their explosive characteristics. I bought a bunch of blems about two years ago in order to try out their new design and at worst have an accurate range load. They shot great, as always...
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    200 grain corelokt - 35 Whelen

    I've always felt that 200gr CoreLock was designed for the 35Rem and velocities not exceeding 2100fps. Your bullet here looks pretty good though. I think the Speer 220gr FP and Sierra 225gr GK are perfect for deer and the 35 Whelen.
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    30 06 and superformance powder

    My results with SuperFormance and 168gr BTs was very unnerving. Extreme velocity spread and very inaccurate. I have since read that mag primers are the way to go with this very fine, ball powder. I'm hesitant to re-attempt as there are so many other powders that work well with this cartridge.
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    25-06 w 110 grain Accubond

    I have found 49.0gr of RL-22 @ ~3100fps and 51.0gr of IMR-4350 @ ~3135fps to work well with the 110gr NAB in my 25-06. I have never worked with H-4350 in any rifle.
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    Range day with the 7mm Bee

    I wouldn't shy away from trying the 160gr Hot-Cor in your 7mmBee. Should provide a better BC than the InterLocks and hold together as good or better. She is a beauty FOtis!
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    Latest load developments

    Up next for my -06 with the 180gr BTs is Superperformance and IMR-4350. Aaron will repeat with IMR-4350 but start at 58.5 this time and increase in .5gr increments to 60.0gr. He'd like to get a good load with this powder first and then start messing with others. Aye, aye sir! With the .270W...
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    S&W Model 19, an old favorite returns!

    Nice to see you've been re-acquainted with your old friend. Looks like you've shared some good times together. I have wanted a Model 19 for as long as I can remember. This past summer I was able to get my hands on a NIB Model 19-3 with a 4" barrel. The long wait was worth it. It has replaced my...
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    Model 70 Range Day .270 Win 130 Grain Ballistic Tips

    They do look tempting! Hmmmmm...I think I know of a LGS that has some MagPro in stock. :idea:
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    Model 70 Range Day .270 Win 130 Grain Ballistic Tips

    That's a gratifying start with your S.C. production M70 Sporter. I haven't heard of any complaints from that line. From the looks of your range, you should be able to take full advantage of that .270Win/130gr BT combo and reach out far and straight. I have always found H-4831 to be a...
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    Latest load developments

    I will probably do just that with the two middle loads in that 270W as it has been very consistent. There's plenty of speed there already and I don't like to push the 130gr BTs too fast anyways. I know Aaron will want to experiment a bunch with his -06 so I foresee a bunch of load development...
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    Latest load developments

    I then tried some RL-22 and 180gr BTs in my BDL IN 30-06. This gun is a donor that I just can't get the cash together to convert it. It continues to soldier on and take deer and Blackies for the past 7 or 8 years for various members of my extended family. The results here weren't too promising...
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    Latest load developments

    I then broke out my friend's Model 700 in .270win, a Dick's Sporting Goods special version, that has shot well with everything she's thrown in it. I used RL-19 and IMR-4350 with 130gr BTs. The RL-19 showed some promise with the classic two in and one out pattern. The IMR-4350 performed a bit...
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    Latest load developments

    Picked up an old BDL in 30-06 for my son recently. I couldn't pass it up as the price was good and it is in great shape. Came with a Weaver V-9W that is still usable. He loaded his own for the first time and really enjoyed it. We figured we'd use a tried and true load of IMR-4350 and 165gr...
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    Hit the range today!!

    I would try to repeat your 50.5 gr result with the 25-06 and also try 50.0 and 51.0gr to see where your sweet spot is. I use 51.0gr of RL19 in the 25-06 with the 110gr AB and it's very accurate and repeatable. Good luck!
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    Do I need a 243/6mm or 6.5mm?

    I don't see a need for a 6/6.5mm in your stable but there's a definite void in your large caliber slot. Something foreign in 8.6mm or 9.1mm would work great! :wink:
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    Norma Reloading Manual #2

    Nice find. I have seen MRP fairly regulary lately. I've always had a hankering for the 358NormaMag.