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    Calgary bound

    We the company has officially been chosen for a big project up in Calgary, i head up tomorrow for anywhere from 16 months to 7 years haha. Some mixed feelings but what many never realized is its only a 7 hour drive from out home office and actually the closest one. So between different...
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    Barge, Plane Ticket, and Resignation

    Safe travels, enjoy and good luck
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    S&W 350 legend

    I like the thought of 7 rounds in the cylinder, the 500 only holds 5.
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    Glock 20 Gen 5 MOS

    I know you already have it on the way, but a buddy of mine just got the Smith M&P 10mm and likes it
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    Barge, Plane Ticket, and Resignation

    Best of luck!
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    LEOSA Qualification Today!

    Congrats Guy!
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    Rebore from 243 Win to 260 Rem.

    Tough getting a 260 out of a 6.5 if i remember correctly, from when i was researching that, but you can get a 6.5-284
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    Rifle Twist Rate ?

    I guess one example that comes to mind would be the 264 win. With the argument why buy a 6.5PRC or 6.5RPM, the 264 has more velocity? the 6.5s are spec'd with a 1-8 twist, a 264 is 1-10 and maybe a 9, and is too slow to shoot a 143 eldx or similar. So if you want to build a 264 that will "out...
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    What cartridge do you think deserves more love?

    I own 2 of each lol gotta love um
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    Almost a real bad day

    Always glad when the wake-up call is easy to answer.
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    Happy Easter everyone
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    Colts, new revolver and 1911

    What are your thoughts on them? Starting with the revolver the new Pythons or Anacondas worth spending the extra money over a Smith or Ruger? As for a 1911 i was surprised to see a few on the shelf at the Scheels I stopped by today in the $1000 range, always liked the thought of having a "Colt...
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    Bore Scope

    Mine is the flexible
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    Let's talk freebore... Weatherby and others..

    The RUM does not has as long a freebore as a Weatherby, (RUM=0.11, WBY=0.36) SAAMI Chamber spec 300 RUM 300 WBY 300 WIN just to compare
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    Dies and Bullets

    Thought I had some But they are 50gr barnes
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    .257 Caliber Bullets

    I remember the 120 SPBT used to have the highest BC of any .257, until the new 130+ ones have come out recently for the fast twist
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    Bore Scope

    Same as I have used with no issues other then loosing the mirrors...somewhere in some drawer.
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    Bighorn Rams, Napping in the Sun

    Great photos as always
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    Bipolar Weather

    We got 2ft a couple weeks ago and probably 6"more since, and currently some light flurries this evening. If it doesn't start warming up melting soon here in the valley the animals will be in some rough shape. Tons of snow up in the mountains 130% snow pack. If i make it out for spring bear that...
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    Couple holsters

    CL, it is a Ruger Single-seven in 327Fed. Lipsey exclusive