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    .338 win ballistic tips

    @375hh1973 Well, I'm bringing this one back from the dead! I was wondering if you ever got a chance to take any critters with these? Did they hold up to .338WM velocities? I have a buddy looking to do some .338 WinMag loading. I've been looking over some bullet choices for him, I seen these the...
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    35 Whelen 62k psi QL Data

    I read and watched a lot about the 35 Whelen back in 2020. I also became very familiar with QuickLoad and how to really use it to predict what something "might" be capable of.. After seeing some of the numbers I could get with a properly loaded 35 I decided to take the plunge and see what was...
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    35 Whelen 62k psi QL Data

    The only case head separations I've had in my 35 Whelen was from shooting undersized cases... I converted a few with a slight cam over, given this was before I had my gun finished.. It was all for case H20 Capacity testing.. I loaded them hot with some Hornady 180gr XTP's and some cheapo ball...
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    Loading the 375 H&H with Nosler's 260 gr Accubond

    I wish you the best of luck on you're long awaited journey to SA! That was a heck of shot at 306yd on your bear with that Nosler! Watching to find a pattern in the bear's berry reaching, 375 H&H Sniper shot 🤣 The 375 H&H is a very capable and well renowned cartridge. Those Ruger No. 1's are...
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    HBN Coating Bullets

    I Love resurrecting zombie threads :) Any new updates on your hBN experiences Joe? I just finished my firs bolt gun build and was looking to pick up and ounce or two, to coat barrels and bullets. Funny thing is I've known about the Fusions vs. Gold dots for a few years now.. I also just...
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    Neat project that really worked out.

    Very cool ST! I remember seeing a YouTube video years ago where a fella' loaded "swaged" round balls.. I'm glad you went with a 35 Whelen! I'm finally starting load development on mine. I even just got a membership at a range with some 1,000yd steel. I opted for a 31" 1:12" Cryo-Treated SS...
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    28 NOS Reloading kit

    Want to Sell: New OLD Stock, Sierra #1930 168gr HPBT 168gr .284/7mm Qty. 45 Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set #46329 Hornady 7mm A-Tip 190gr Seating Stem #397142 Home-made 28 Nosler (Nosler) Threaded OAL Case Gage L.E. Wilson 26 Nosler/28 Nosler Case Gage CGN0S All appears to be...
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    35 Whelen QL Load Request

    Howdy ya'll! I'm new to the forum, new to the 35 Whelen.. I'm currently awaiting a shipping notification (any day now, 22wks) from X-Caliber for a 31" 1:12" Fluted Heavy Varmint Barrel for a Savage Whelen build! I already have 3 different die sets, 30lbs of RL17, and cases of primers. Lots of...