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    7mm/338 bullets for sale

    I’ll take the 180 Bergers
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    Bullet Wish List 2018

    And a 35 caliber E tip
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    Bullet Wish List 2018

    257 115/120 ablr
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    No longer needed - .250-3000 brass

    Midway has Hornady brass in stock.
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    6.5x55 loads

    Thanks for all the help lots of good data here guess I better get started.
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    6.5x55 loads

    Just bought my daughter a Howa 1500 6.5x55 and wondering what loads anyone might want to share.
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    .257 115 berger coming apart

    I did shoot one more with no problem. The velocity was around 3075. I used this load last year for antelope and wanted to use them for deer this year I'll switch back to Noslers next year. Thanks for the help.
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    .257 115 berger coming apart

    My 2506 had a 115 Berger come apart midflight. I've herd of a rough bore causing this or maybe a dirty bore the rifle in guestion is Remington 700 build date is 1970 and I bought it used any ideas. The load 54 gr H4831sc CCI 200...
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    What I want for 2017...........

    257 ABLR bullet weight 115/120?
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    Age & Hunting...

    My dad has told me you need to be tough when your old.
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    Oregon apps in

    Well after 13 years I finnaly drew a antelope tag for the Steens mountain unit. So that means I'm chasing deer and elk with my bow
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    2016 Bullet Wish List

    Another vote for the quarter bore ABLR
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    Old Hunt Photos

    Those old pictures are really neat.
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    2015 Nosler...

    I'm hoping we'll find out what Nosler has for us soon, the wait is killing me anyone else feel this way.
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    2014 Oregon Elk Hunt

    Cool pictures looks like the south fork umatilla river pretty country.
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    Nikon Monarch 3 4 - 16 BDC

    Nothing wrong with Nikon scopes that's about all I buy. If you want a better scope your going to need to shell out a lot more money.
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    Yup.....that's my luck!

    That's about how my luck goes. Hopefully you have better luck for elk season.
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    Elk Rifle

    Three years is a long time to wait you could end up with a new rifle by then and a tougher decision :mrgreen:
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    What chambering would you use?

    6mm br is hard to beat
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    45-70 at 200 yards

    All this 45-70 talk is starting an itch that might need to be scratched.