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    Deer running after being hit?

    I've never had a deer run after the shot during rifle season. I'm also a high lung shooter. Elk on the other hand...the big roosevelts I've seen run some distance after a double lung shot. Tough buggers. Sounds like a freight train taking off too just running through tree branches...
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    your 2021 hunting plans ?

    Drew my Oregon antlerless, buck (2nd choice), bull (2nd choice), and antelope tags. Now waiting on Utah antlerless draw in a few weeks.
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    356 win elk bullet?????

    Didn't know Speer discontinued those, thought they were just behind in manufacturing like everybody else (as I can't find any Speer bullets for any of my rifles). I have those 203gr Hammers for my 356Win. And loaded some of the .243 caliber for my buddies 243 Win. No experience using the...
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    your 2021 hunting plans ?

    Just waiting on the Oregon draw results coming up this weekend on the 20th. Will finalize plans once the results post. Skipping WA and most other states this year. Although did put in for UT antlerless tags, but won't likely draw those this year. So just Oregon for me this year.
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    Rifle weight vs pack weight.....where is it important?

    I'm 47. Have been going into the backcountry since I was a young child riding on grandpa's horse with him. Switched to backpack in my late teens when we no longer had horses. Been doing it ever since, and for the past 15 years in multiple states multiple seasons. But as the original op...
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    .25-06Rem K95 Accuracy

    Thanks for posting these results. I'm about to start working up some 25-06 loads for my best friend's rifle. Am starting with 120gr Partitions and IMR4350 (because Retumbo is apparently a unicorn these days). Will see how that goes, and if I don't like the results will look at the 110...
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    Rifle weight vs pack weight.....where is it important?

    Many factory guns these days are 6lb-6.5lb without scope and mounts from the factory. A generic Browning X-bolt stainless stalker in 308Win is 6.5lbs, and gets 3 ounces lighter for the composite model. Tikka T3 Superlite in 308Win is 6.4lbs No need for carbon/titanium/etc. to get an accurate...
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    Bigger Bores & Bigger Bullets

    I stick to the "medium" bores where I can get enough bullet energy for most animals but with significantly less recoil and no need for a muzzle break than if I stepped up to one of the magnums in 375, 416, 458, etc. calibers. My primary medium bores are a 35 Whelen shooting 250gr bullets...
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    Refinishing a Rem 700 BDzl wood stock?

    Keep us posted on your project. I'm just waiting for the last of my stock refinishing supplies to arrive over the next week. I'm refinishing a Rem 700 and Rem 788 starting next week. Am going with the Birchwood Casey kit for these (ie Tru Oil). Will be doing another Rem 700 for a friend next...
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    Bullets for 1 in 9.5 twist 7mm Rem Mag?

    For my 7mmRM X-Bolt, it loves the 168gr Accubond Long Range and 168gr Berger VLDs. If going for moose I'd probably do 175gr Partitions. Here in WA my odds on ever drawing a moose tag are ridiculously low in my lifetime, so I focus mostly for deer and elk and the 168s ABLRs have done well for...
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    Heavy rifle range day today

    Wow. Jealous of that 375 BAS groups. Nice.
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    Latest Project - 356W Update

    Yes, definitely looking forward to spring bear. And as of today, Oregon spring bear is still on even with the shelter orders. So I'm skipping work this Wednesday (I work from home anyway, my own business) to be out there opening day. I'll have my 35 Whelen with me opening day with 250gr...
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    Chokes & Shot ?

    My two shotguns are a Remington O/U and a Browning A5. I have a bunch of factory lead based rounds for quail and pheasant/grouse, but mostly reload now with steel and tungsten (both 15 and 18g/cc). For goose, I mostly bought BB steel factory loads that I'm still burning through. Goose hand...
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    Latest Project - 356W Update

    Hi All, Thought I'd share the latest project. I opted to upgrade my Marlin rifle furniture and finish. Was a 336W in 30-30 initially. Had it rebored by JES to 356W last year. This year I decided to buy some Duracoat in the aerosol can from Lauer in finish the rifle external metal parts...
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    35 Whelen project about to kick off......finally

    That Speer load data is very different than my manual. I must have an older one. Surprised to see Speer publish data up to 2700fps. Nosler on the other hand always has more aggressive data. My 35 Whelen is the first rifle I ever bought for myself when I turned 18 3 decades ago, originally...
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    Brown Bear bullets for the 35 Whelen?

    Truck Driver - the 35 Whelen is definitely an interesting round which is why I chose it. I'm a Nosler fan, and am new to reloading, so have used Nosler factory ammo in all my rifles previously and have chronographed them in all my other rifles and know it is close to stated specs. Here's some...
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    Brown Bear bullets for the 35 Whelen?

    Thanks for the feedback folks. I've been reading this forum, and others, for years. This was my favorite thread of them all, so decided to post the photo here. For range, with a 3-9 power scope my personal limit is 250 yards, regardless of cartridge. Just personal preference on size of...
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    Brown Bear bullets for the 35 Whelen?

    Thanks guys. This gun will be used for black bear, elk, and moose. Although some of that will be in grizzly country. As this thread is about brown bear bullets, here's a question. I plan to deploy bear spray first, as I'm a big believer in that. However, I'm contemplating using a 310 grain...
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    Brown Bear bullets for the 35 Whelen?

    Thanks. The comical thing is I spent more on gunsmithing than on the rifle. It's an old Parker Hale built in 1962 that I bought used in 1991 and hunted with for many years but less frequently lately due to other choices in the cabinet. I had it glass bedded and new recoil pad added years ago...
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    Brown Bear bullets for the 35 Whelen?

    Well, thanks to 35 Whelen and other posters on this thread and other forums I was convinced to join the 35 Whelen crowd. Had an old rifle rebored by JES reboring, had my gunsmith cerakote the metal in matte black, and refinished the stock to darker color in oil rub finish. Shot <1" as a 30-06...