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    What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

    Either a 280AI with 150 BT’s or a 7-08 with 140 AB’s. Both are H-S Precision 2000’ S. I’ve been a 7mm fan all my life with rifles in 7BR, 7mm REM Mag, 7x57, and 280 REM passing through my cabinet over the years. The 7-08 in a Sako AII became my most used for deer but the 280 REM was a close...
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    A little more love for the 300 HH

    IMHO you’re hoping that your most precise accuracy node is at your maximum pressure point. This may ore may not happen with your rifle system. There are times when we have to decide what our objective is, either precision or velocity. That’s your choice. In reality, that extra FPS may not be...
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    270 Win

    I believe the old textbook O’Connor load was 59-60 grs of H4831 behind a 130 gr bullet. I had a pre-64 Model 70 Standard rifle [4 screw] that did very well with that load.
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    Shooting virgin brass at the 600 yard match

    Are you calling X`s bullyseyes?
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    Added a light to my Marlin 1895

    Maybe it is platform based. I am using an IPAD. I’ll try a windows notebook but I have the same problem on an Android tablet.
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    Added a light to my Marlin 1895

    Why can’t I see the pictures in this and many other threads on this website?
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    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    Just get some of the existing products in the supply chain. It took me months to find a box of 7mm 140 Accubonds for my 7-08.
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    Interesting group

    Bedding the action and barrel in two steps was probably the cause. Should have been done together.
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    One for the son in law

    Ya gotta love craftsmanship!
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    Loose primer pocket causes

    Ammo manufacturers aren't selling brass. They are selling loaded ammo. Look at Lapua, Peterson, Alpha, and Norma for better brass. Rumor has it that Nosler is Norma brass.
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    Loose primer pocket causes

    The short answer is that your load is at the pressure limit for that manufacturer and lot of brass. Is it reloaded factory ammo or new brass? I don't know who makes brass for this caliber. This short brass life is just a reality that you have to work with. In my experience, Hornady is another...
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    .284 Win - Long Action Possibilities

    I currently have both 280AI and a 284 Win. The 280 AI is an H-S Precision Series 2000 SPL and the 284 is an F-Open 21# Match rifle. When I was young and dumb, I had a 284 Win Model 88 that I found in a hardware store in Upstate NY. Not realizing what the 284 would become and not liking the Model...
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    ok guys, big $hit going on

    I’ve had a FX-120i for two years. Responds to a single grain of Varget, 4831SC and does not drift. Settles rapidly while trickling. Put a good power conditioner/ surge protector on it. Had a Gempro 250 until it croaked. Grizzly had a $40 electronic scale That stood head and shoulders above the...
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    DGR optic

    I have a Leupold VX3 1.5x5 with the Heavy Duplex. I prefer the standard duplex and would be willing to part with this one. I had it on a Ruger No 1S 45-70.
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    Help me choose?

    Why don't you handle them both, together if possible, and see which on feels better in your hand. Try the triggers, cycle the bolts, and operate the safeties? Which one is best for your style of hunting?
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    Another beauty inbound.

    I like Skinner Sights on lever guns. I have to ask, the picture in your initial post shows that the rifle is factory drilled and tapped for receiver sights. Why not look for a receiver mounted Lyman 48 or Williams 5D instead of drilling and taping for the Skinner?
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    Top three firearm manufacturers

    H-S Precision 2000 Series SAKO if L-series or A-series Tikka Howa with the H-S Precision stock The common thread for me is a bolt lock safety. H-S Precision really are not at a price point much more than a new Weatherby. They have the Model -70 three position safety and leave the factory with...
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    What cartridge do you think deserves more love?

    Your point is well taken. The same applies the 7mm Rem vs the 280. However, I have a very good 338WM.
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    What cartridge do you think deserves more love?

    280 Remington: I had this caliber in three different rifles. Those rifles are gone but I currently have a 280AI. All in hunting rifles. 284 Win: Found a new/unfired Model 88 in a backwoods hardware store in Upstate NY in 1968. Bought it with the hangtags for $135 USD. Couldn’t stand the Model...