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    7mm 160 gr Partition discontinued?

    I hope not but I don't think I'll cry if they have been discontinued. While I like Nosler bullets Nosler has priced me out of using their bullets. I have a few boxes of 150 gr NBT's left but Hornady has been getting my bullet money the past few years. Namely the 154 gr SST. It shoots lights...
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    Anyone using 150 gr AccuBond in a 7mm-08?

    This is not Accubonds but I tried 150 gr BT. I know this doesn't help much but I didn't check the speed either, just accuracy. This may give you a baseline.
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    I had 8 lbs of IMR 4895 and 8 lbs IMR 4831 gifted to me. Had that not had happened my days of using those powders would have been all but over. I will not pay that price. Those manufacturers that have powder at the 70-75 dollar price point can eat it as far as I'm concerned
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    Powder Canisters

    Maybe an odd request, but Im in need of several empty powder canisters or a couple 8lb empty jugs. I was gifted 16 lbs of powder but the issue I have are the metal cans it has came in. If anyone can help let me know. Thanks
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    7mm ballistic tips

    JD338, I have often wondered about this myself and have spent a good bit of time down through the months trying to ACTUALLY find out if this was true. After searching through many, many threads on many different forums I have yet to find anyone that really knows. Most of the responses have been...
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    Enough is Enough?

    I use to shoot 2-3 days a week but those are over for now. I have 9 grandkids and they take up most of my spare time. If I knew that grandkids were this much fun I would have started with them. lol With that said, prices have gotten to where I'm just not comfortable spending what it takes to...
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    Ive got a couple pounds of RL22 but haven't used it in several years now. I find it to be a little too erratic for my liking.
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    Sportsman warehouse reloader 15/22

    I got a email notification from Midsouth Shooters supply informing me that they had Alliant powder in stock. RL16 was 60 per lb or 465 per 8lbs. I'll not be using any Alliant at these prices, especially when I have other load recipes that use cheaper powders.
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    Whatcha Think!

    Update, I loaded a few rounds of the IMR-4895 for my 7-08 yesterday and headed to the range. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. As you can see it shot well. No chronograph numbers, but nothing wonky happened with the powder. One good thing, this load shot same POA as my Varget load...
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    Whatcha Think!

    I found a tab on one can that someone had put 1996 on, powder is 27 yrs old, or at least that can is.
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    Whatcha Think!

    Ive moved as much of the powder as possible to other plastic powder containers as I can. I'm going to load a few with this powder Tuesday and see how shoots. I don't forsee any issues.
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    Whatcha Think!

    I was gifted several pounds of IMR 4831 and 4895 yesterday. This powder has been sitting in a metal box for a good many years. Not really sure how long or the conditions. When I opened the box all the powder cans had red rusty tops. I opened a can of each and the powder smelled and looked...
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    Her first buck

    Well done young lady. Congrats
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    Black Horn 209 instock

    I saw some at Cabelas the other day, 79.99 per 8 ozs. I found 4-5 bottles several years ago at the end of season sale. Paid 14 dollars per bottle. Still have a bottle and half. However, after this runs out and if the price doesn't come down dramatically, which I highly doubt, I will be going to...
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    Who says partitions aren’t accurate?

    Ive always found Partitions to be really accurate myself.
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    Range Report

    Sharpen your knife 'cause any of those will work. If a bang flop is required then I suggest a neck shot. Im talking about where the neck joins the body. I use to employ that shot and nary a one ever moved a stepped but of course a high shoulder shot, as already mentioned will do the same thing...
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    How fast is too fast for a Nosler ballistic tip bullet?

    The litmus test of that bullet will be velocity at impact and what it happens to encounter on impact. The closer that happens to be the more stress will be put on that bullet but my experience with the .284 cal 150 gr BT has been dead animals both near and far with mostly pass throughs.
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    Hornady 150 SST

    117 gr SST bullet at 3300 fps with impact at 50 yds, is that actually a bullet problem or a bullet being used outside it's design parameters
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    Hornady 150 SST

    When the SST first came they were just like the first Ballistic Tips. Very frangible. Hornady, like Nosler "toughened" up those bullets. I have found right the opposite with your "grenade" comment. I have also found that the SST acts pretty much the same way as the lead tipped versions of the...
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    Bank of America and Firearms

    I canceled my BoA account a couple years ago. I pay cash for firearms and the such.