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    700 rebarrel ?

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father. What a blessing though that you were able to spend some time together and get in a few more laughs before he went to be with the Lord. V/R, Joe
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    Filson quality is gone.....

    Filson’s first order of business when the company sold was to hike prices across the board. What a shame to see the icon do this. V/R, Joe
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    Interview with Adam Weatherby

    Man, Scotty hit the nail on the head as usual for me. I watched the YouTube video where Adam introduces the 6.5-300 Wby for the first time and loved it! It’s one thing to be an iconic American company, but when you find out that it’s run by a humble Christian pastor who loves the Lord, his...
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    7mm-378 Wby?

    In my youth I met a gunsmith who worked at Charlie’s Sporting Goods in Albuquerque. He had built a 7mm-378 Weatherby back in the day on a Mark V action and really seemed to like it. We talked a bit, as I had a 7mm Firebird (Lazzeroni cartridge) built by Roy Bedeaux that was fairly similar. RL...
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    300 H&H first try

    Scotty, Get that thing squared away with old school partitions and head north on a moose hunt! It doesn’t get much more John Nosler than that! V/R, Joe
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    Elk Hunting Caliber

    It sounds like you are all set with your Accumark! 300 WBY has got plenty in the tank. Now it boils down to you and your practice at distance. Shooting at distance will allow you obtain accurate dope on your rifle and an understanding of your range limits. Explain that to your guide and he’ll...
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    Little Range Time 1-27-24

    Nice work, Rick!!! V/R, Joe
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    Brown Bear Hunt

    Scotty, Maybe when you come to the house for dinner? V/R, Joe
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    Brown Bear Hunt

    They did a neat piece on P&T’s 375 H&H pre64 rifles in Sports Afield. Those guys were incredible and tough as woodpecker lips. It also talked about their using pre64s in 300 H&H for their sheep hunting exploits. Gotta love those old Model 70s! V/R, Joe
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    338 Win Mag 250 Scenars RL26

    Glad to hear the Alaskan will be getting called back up for the coming season! I still remember when it made its first appearance on the forum wearing a wood stock shooting 200 ABs! That rifle seems to shoot just about everything we’ll, regardless of bullet weight! V/R, Joe
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    300 H&H first try

    The 300 H&H is the original 30 cal bad boy that set the performance standard we enjoy today. I know the 300 Win Mag gets it done in a shorter length action, but the H&H feeds like corn through a goose and just has that old school cool factor. Glad to see you working on it, Scotty! V/R, Joe
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    25-06 future

    It was really tough finding the 110 ABs my wife’s rifle likes! I’m not sure if the 115 PTs are in better supply, but that’s my plan B for if we manage to burn through our current little stash. Her rifle resides in NM with my FIL so I don’t get to load for it much, but it sure is fun to send a...
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    25-06 future

    Appreciate the offer, but I’ve managed to squirrel away a couple of old 20 round boxes! At the rate this last year went, we may not need many rounds in the near future. Last year’s draw was pretty rough for us. V/R, Joe
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    25-06 future

    It could definitely be worse. Try being in the 257 Roberts fan club! Finding brass is rough and 110 Accubonds were MIA for the better part of two years. Furthermore, the cost of a box of Nosler ammo will leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Our family loves the cartridge and it’s...
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    Caught Yet "Another" Great Deal!

    Preacher, Congratulations on your score! Kimber rifles have been good to us! Two years ago it seemed like mama’s rifle was the luckiest thing going with my and my daughter taking mule deer and both kiddos killing antelope. That little 84M is a joy to carry and the 110 AB in 257 Roberts is a...
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    Scotty, I’ve been truly blessed beyond measure! Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, a wonderful wife and kids, and almost 20 years in EOD without ever having been blown up! I count my blessings everyday! Having a couple of nice shooting irons is simply icing on the cake 😉! I’m just...
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    Advice Needed: Powder choice for 150gr. Accubond in .270Win

    Between RL23 and 7828 you should be in high cotton for 150s in the 270. Hold onto your hat because a 150 PT or Accubond at 3000ish FPS is one bad dude to hunt with here in the lower 48! V/R, Joe
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    FOTIS, I know you love your Weatherby rifles, but that 130 LRX load sounds like it’s just dying to get out of the safe for a speedgoat hunt in some remote Wyoming pasture! Maybe this year it’ll get called up? V/R, Joe
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    Other rifles for today's range day

    Those are some really nice rigs you have there! It’s great to hear how well the Terminal Ascent is working out for you. I hope we can get some results posted up in the bullet test section in the near future! V/R, Joe
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    Man oh man, you’ve heard me say before in other threads, but I still maintain that it is the perfect blend of light recoil, flat trajectory, and killing efficiency out there. To quote Wayne Van Zwoll, “dead doesn’t come in degrees.” The cartridge is easy to shoot well because it won’t knock you...