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  1. lefty315

    Handgun Ballistic Gel Testing

    I haven’t purchased anything from them but have looked at their test results before. I think they do a good job with comparisons and makes me feel more confident in choices. But for those that are interested I can tell you from first hand experience the 147 HST in 9mm and 180 HST in .40 are...
  2. lefty315

    Fatal Mountain Lion Attack in California!

    Wild animals are still wild animals no matter how acclimated they become to people. Instincts still exist and as they become old or injured they become unpredictable around humans. Tragic for sure and who knows how fast the young man fell to his injuries. As my state pushes more and more...
  3. lefty315

    Great Basin Highway

    That’s my kinda road trip, only 10 other cars!!
  4. lefty315

    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    I really like the Accubond and it’s become my go to bullet for several cartridges. If memory serves me correct, I’ve only recovered one from all the animals I’ve shot. It was a 160 grain out of my 7x57 on the Gemsbok shown in my little picture with my username. They’re a great bullet and...
  5. lefty315

    Worst content ever

    I Stumbled across one of his videos by accident. In the video I watched he was very clear it wasn’t hunting it was culling. I also watched him go back to every animal and make sure they were dead. While it may not be for everyone I can understand how invasive species, whether introduced...
  6. lefty315

    New Pistol

    That’s a bummer. That’s a gun I’ve been eyeing ever since it came out, just haven't pulled the trigger yet. (Pun intended). Over the years several friends have had some Hi-powers with some minor customizing done. Always liked how they felt in the hand.
  7. lefty315

    Lipsey's Ruger 77 in 35 Whelen! (not buying it)

    I love it!! Guy you wouldn’t be disappointed but I must be out of touch with reality cause dang have prices on Ruger rifles gone up!!!
  8. lefty315

    Caught Yet "Another" Great Deal!

    I have had my 8400 Classic in .300 WSM for many years now. I can’t remember when but it could have been in the first three years of production. It pretty much shoots anything I’ve ever put through it. I started with a 200 grain Accubond because I couldn’t find any 180’s when I first got...
  9. lefty315

    And Traditional

    Guy, the forend looks a lot trimmer than what even Marlin was putting on their guns before Remington bought them. I like it!!
  10. lefty315

    Anybody in the far North

    Christmas arrived today. Jeff, can’t thank you enough for the kind gesture!!!
  11. lefty315

    Anybody in the far North

    I picked up an Elk tag for Northern Idaho in 2024. I will also head over there for a spring bear hunt so I’ll have to take the .348 along with me now ;)
  12. lefty315

    Crowded trail

    Wow!! That’s the kind of traffic jam I like. Pretty neat to see them running through, even if your season is over.
  13. lefty315

    Anybody in the far North

    Holy smokes…really?
  14. lefty315

    New to me 1952 Ruger Standard

    It’s always possible it was re-blued but I didn’t buy it to be a looker so I’m good either way.
  15. lefty315

    Anybody in the far North

    Well, it wouldn’t hurt to ask how many you’re selling. I use my .348 in the timber and when shots will be under 200 yards but I’ve been leaving it at home because bullets are hard to find. I thought about trying some Hawk bullets a few years ago but never pulled the trigger on them…no pun...
  16. lefty315

    Loading the 7x57 round. What is the potential

    A 7x57 is just plain neat, especially if it’s in. Ruger No. 1
  17. lefty315

    New to me 1952 Ruger Standard

    I picked up a Ruger standard made in 1952. Pretty much pristine including the original grips with the black Eagle medallion.
  18. lefty315

    Flaming a Euro Mount

    I like it too. I have a head I picked up years ago, may have to give it a try.
  19. lefty315

    White Rocks !

    That’s the one thing I really like about being out on BLM land in Montana or Wyoming. You can usually find some hillsides are varying distances with rocks or a tuft of grass to aim at. Makes for fun practice after a hunt is over.
  20. lefty315

    A new load for my 7x57

    You’re on to something there. What a nice deer/antelope load to shoot.