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    280 Remington IMR-4350 140 gr Accubond

    I'd say that will work quite nicely. Burned a bunch of IMR4350 in my 280 over the years until I tried H4831SC. Filled a passel of whitetail tags along the way.
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    Target bullets for deer

    One of my shooting/hunting/reloading buddies bought a Tikka T3 in 22-250 with an 8 twist barrel. He's running 75 grain Amax's out of it at around 3k FPS. So far he has killed 4 Texas whitetails that were relatively smallish (125 lbs live weight ) and none of them has taken a step after impact...
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    Dad's 280 and reflections

    Sounds a lot like my dad. His first rifle was a Remington 740 in 280 Rem. He killed pronghorns, mulies and whitetails with that gun for 40 years until it developed a mechanical problem and was no longer reliable to shoot. He then bought a 30-06 as he couldn't find a 280 bolt gun locally on short...
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    2018 whitetail

    Good grief that is a BIG deer. What part of the world are you in ? Nicely done sir !
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    Failing Forward!

    Good on her for following up after the initial shot and getting the job done !!!! Two kinds of hunters in this world, the ones who have made less than perfect shots on game and those that are going to. Her desire to follow up and finish speaks volumes to her character. Rifle marksmanship is...
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    223 bolt action?

    Welcome aboard Coop ! Nice shooting sir. What powder ?
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    223 bolt action?

    :lol: RADD and getting older is tough ain't it ? :lol:
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    223 bolt action?

    I've got two of the Tikka T3 Lites in 223 that have 1/8 twist barrels. Both rifles shoot the same two loads very well. One load is a 55 NBT on top of Varget. (coyotes hate this load) The other load is a 65 SGK on top of BLC2. (this one has filled a few Tx deer tags) Fortunately both rifles shoot...
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    New to me mark X 30/06

    Congrats on a fine rifle ! My dad bought one of them in 1972 in '06 and gave it to me for my 10th birthday. Told me it was the only rifle I would ever need. I killed my only elk with it and I can't tell you how many whitetail tags it has filled. Mine likes RL22 and 165 BTs. Howard
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    Sizing belted magnum cases ?????

    Spoke to Larry a bit ago and the die is on it's way. Appreciate the help sir!
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    Sizing belted magnum cases ?????

    Yes all Nosler cases and all fired in my rifle. Willis collet die ? Never heard of it, I'll take a look. Thanks for the info.
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    Sizing belted magnum cases ?????

    My 7 STW is giving me fits. Bolt is hard to close on sized cases. I thought die had become mis-adjusted some how so I reset it like I always have. Ran press ram with shell holder all the way to top of stroke. Screwed die into press until die body touched shell holder. Gave it another 1/8 turn...
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    New Sierra bullets

    While I've found their match bullets to be accurate I have not shot their Gamekings at deer in over 30 years. One core/jacket separation was enough for me. I think I'll stick with 165 NBTs in my 30 cals 130 ABs in my 6.5s and 140 ABs in my 7mms.
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    Best 308 150 grain load recipe poll....

    Max load of Varget and a 150 Accubond out of my Tikka T3 Chrono says 2900
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    Rising cost of hunting:

    The cost of leases in Texas is why I drive 400 miles one way to hunt in Missouri. Add to what we pay for the lease the cost of non resident tags for small game, archery and rifle deer, turkey tags spring and fall and we even have to have a fur harvesters license to shoot coyotes. It's still less...
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    Wear out gun.

    Find a Tikka T3 in 223 that has a 1/8 barrel in it and let 'er rip. Easy too load for. I have 2 of them and they are both impressively accurate with everything from 55 grs to 77 gr. They sip powder, not burn it in gulps. Light, relatively short and handy too. One of mine is always in the truck...
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    Enduron 8133 and the 25-06

    Well I can't find any locally. Gonna probably have to order it. RL 22 I have on hand it it appears to be pretty close as far as velocity and charge weights are concerned.
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    Enduron 8133 and the 25-06

    Anybody tried it with the 115 Nosler bullets ? Looks like lightning in a brass case from what I'm seeing. Ace hunting buddy just bought a Marlin XL7 in the quarter bore that we!re about to start playing with.
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    264 Mag

    My 264 has a 28 inch McGowen barrel. My load with 130 ABs is 76 grs of WC872 It's a military ball powder used to load 50BMG. Burn rate is about the same as discontinued H870 I paid $48.00 for an eight lb jug of it from Jeff Bartlett. Fed 215 Win brass It runs 3350 also and well under MOA as...
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    Whitetail... take the shot

    Rifle wouldn't matter, all of mine are zeroed at 250. Since I started using a Turner saddlery 1907 sling that's gonna be on the rifle. I'd try to drop to one knee and get my left arm wrapped through the sling, get my left elbow on my knee. I'm holding dead center on the left shoulder blade.