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    General process question-where to start?

    Thank you gentlemen
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    General process question-where to start?

    Great question. I guess it depends on the rifle I’m loading for. My Kimber 7-08 is a 4-500 yards gun at max, but I aspire to some longer max ranges (and thus greater precision) with the 28 nosler.
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    General process question-where to start?

    When starting to work on a new load, I’m curious whether most of you look for an optimal powder charge first, or try to find the best seating depth. Berger bullets recommends loading multiple rounds at the min powder charge and testing different seating depths before testing varying powder...
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    2023 Bullet Wish List

    Is Nosler still in the bullet business??? Seriously, I haven’t seen a 160 grain 7mm AccuBond on a shelf in maybe 3 years or more. Anything Nosler that I have seen is crazy expensive. Admittedly, I have some buyers remorse for diving in with a 28 nosler. $115/box for ammo, if it can be found at...