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    WTB a left handed REM 700 or M70

    My buddy is looking for a M700 left handed or a M70. He doesnt want a magnum something like 270win or 30-06 will do. Email me at thanks guys
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    WTB win model 94 stock & forearm

    I just bought a post 64 model 94 30-30 I'm looking for the wood stock and forend. Also a 19-1/4" magazine tube if anyone has some stuff laying around let me know.
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    270 WSM H1000 150 ABLR

    I had the same problem with my two 270wsm, both 24" barrels one custom one factory. They just always seemed slow FPS when i started hitting pressure signs. I switched to RL25 to brake 3000fps with a 150gr bullet, tried several powders before that. Gave up on the 150gr LRAB and started shooting...
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    142gr LR Accubonds

    I see midway has them in stock and SPS just sold out of the blems. DOes anyone have any of these bullets yet? They sound pretty cool i'd like to try them when i finish my 6.5SAUM build
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    300wby 210gr berger QL data needed

    I loaded a ladder with IMR7828 last weekend. 71gr-77gr I shot it on monday. 73.5gr 2732fps 74.0gr 2732fps 74.5gr 2737fps 75.0gr 2732fps ES=5fps this was the middle of my ladder test and the node it looked like. all four shots went less then 1/2" vertical spread at 300yards. I was wanting...
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    300wby 210gr berger QL data needed

    Thanks alot Mike! Can i ask for one more powder RL25, really appreciate it
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    300wby 210gr berger QL data needed

    im working up loads with a 300wby and 210gr hunting VLDs. Rifle is a vanguard 24" barrel and seating depth is limited to 3.560" im looking for QL data for imr7828 and H1000. Can someone please help thank you
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    New for Nosler 2015!!!!!

    When are we going to see that 142GR accubond LR show up!!!
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    6.5 SAUM or 6.5 WSM

    Just a heads up Hornady is going to start making 6.5SAUM(6.5 Gap 4s) brass exclusively for GA Percisions.
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    300 Weatherby 168 ETip

    My wby is 24" barrel SUB-MOA model. It likes 168gr with 84.0gr of 7828, 215gm primers and seated to 3.560" really good accuracy .4" groups at 100yards and 1.5" groups at 300yards. speed is 3140fps.
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    Quickload info needed!!

    Thanks Fotis, Can you run it with a 150gr Berger i can always back it down to get a starting point.
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    Timney springs!!!

    If you get really brave, i have stoned and shaped the sear and trigger to break even more crisp on the A-bolts. It's not rocket science but what i did was just kept taking material off the trigger with a fine stone until the sear was almost about to break and then adjusted the over travel. Got a...
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    Quickload info needed!!

    I am in need of some quick load data for a 270wsm 24" barrel 1-9" twist using RL33 and 165gr Matrix bullets. using 215GM primers also. Thanks for your help
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    Barnes lrx??

    DR. what have you been using for powder and primer and seating depth with the 200gr LRX in the 300wby? i have loaded up a few and have a great load with RL22, 215gm primers seated at 3.565" max mag length in my rifle. speed was av 2965fps.
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    Nosler 26

    Why doesn't Nosler just release the base and shoulder diameter so we can find out what brass we can make it from. To me im still thinking its a 375 ruger necked down just because of the rim size. it would be stupid to take RUM brass push the shoulder back then have to trim the base from .534 to...
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    Nosler 26

    If its very close to the 375 Ruger then how can it be based off of a shortened 404 Jeffery? The 404 has a rim size of .534" and is .550" at the base and tapers from that point. the 375 Ruger is has a .532" rim size and is 532" at the base and tapers from that point. That doesn't make much sense...
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    She is here and she is one BAD A$$!!!

    338-375 Viersco mag? I wonder if it would be any better than the 338 snipe-tac? Maybe talk to CEB get them to make a .338 350gr VLD would be crazy.
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    2014 Bullet Wish List

    .277 170gr ablr
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    270WSM and 150gr LRAB

    Browning/Winchester pretty much told me to kick rocks, they do not warranty rifles for reloading. They said it will fire a factory round so it's ok. They know the chamber is cut off center but will not replace the barrel. 100% BS they know it's broke and won't fix it. Last time I ever waste my...
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    277 150gr Ablr in 1-10 twist barrel?

    Both my brother and I are running the 150gr LRAB out of 270WSM, 1-10twist barrels at 2000' above sea level and stabilizing them just fine. I have the 165gr matrix vlds out of my 1-10 twist barrel I doubt that they are not stabilizing from what I have experienced.