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  1. 1100 Remington Man

    Alliant Powder Availability

    I never thought I would see the day Red Dot, Green Dot, Clays and all the other powders used in Shotgun target shells for Trap and Skeet and Sporting Clays Would not be available. Where you never consider buy it unless it’s 8lb at a time or more as when one sits down to reload you load by the...
  2. 1100 Remington Man

    Moose - Bighorn Sheep - Mountain Goat - Bison draw for Montana is out.

    I wished we had those opportunities. Good luck next year !
  3. 1100 Remington Man

    anyone know

    Send it to Briley !
  4. 1100 Remington Man

    New from Weatherby!

    I never see my self with this !
  5. 1100 Remington Man

    2024 hunting plans

    Well for Me it will be 3rd season Elk in Colorado and Who know’s what else. Iowa Whitetails ? Ducks Pheasant Yes
  6. 1100 Remington Man

    Interview with Adam Weatherby

    I know I would like a 6 lug rifle my self.
  7. 1100 Remington Man

    Lipsey's Ruger 77 in 35 Whelen! (not buying it)

    Man that’s a Beautiful Rifle.
  8. 1100 Remington Man

    Two and a half pound folding 30-30?

    I hunt the Mountains and I think a Remington 700 BDL weight is about Perfect. I carry a Model 70 300 H&H Mag or Model 70 .264 Win Mag or Remington 700 BDL 6mm Rem and never felt my rifles were to heavy in ID MT WY CO SD AK. Truth be told all of us could be in better shape and shed a couple...
  9. 1100 Remington Man

    Retumbo and Alliant in stock at Powder Valley...

    Man that’s Expensive !
  10. 1100 Remington Man

    Enough is Enough?

    I am more concerned about the cost of out of Big Game State Tags than my ammo Cost. I hope I live long enough to shoot up what I have.
  11. 1100 Remington Man

    Other rifles for today's range day

    I like that .280 Rem setup.
  12. 1100 Remington Man

    Non Traditional Rifle for me...

    The older i get the more I see what is coming out in new rifle, is making me appreciate Blue Steel and Walnut. Yea Guy you will need some sunglasses as it’s bright. TC enjoy as we can like something different.
  13. 1100 Remington Man

    3 Rifle Battery

    For the whole World 30-06 In a Model 70 Pre-64 action with a 24 inch barrel .416 Rem. In Rem 700 C Grade
  14. 1100 Remington Man


    Many years ago in Iowa we had some Huns and I have had some good times with them. I still carry 3 shotgun shells with 7 1/2 shot in my vest just in case I bump into some Huns or Bobwhie Quail.
  15. 1100 Remington Man

    260 Rem coyote loads?

    I would look no further than 120gr BT
  16. 1100 Remington Man

    New Hunting Rig

    Well it has been doing a good Job pulling my boat. This is a picture of my last day Fishing and now the duck Blind is on the boat now.
  17. 1100 Remington Man

    Wood Ducks on the Pond

    Wood Ducks I have been lucky to have shot two Banded Wood Ducks in Iowa one by the Missouri River in Iowa and another on the Mississippi River about 300 miles apart. Iowa has a lot of Wood Ducks.
  18. 1100 Remington Man

    Guy Miner=One Of The Good Guys

    Nice review Guy And good luck Predator hunting and I hope you get that Mountain Lion.
  19. 1100 Remington Man

    Rifle scopes

    I have 1 Leupold 3.5x10 40mm CDS VX3 I have 2 Leupold 4.5x14 40mm CDS VX3 I have 1 Weaver Grand Slam 2.5x8 36mm I have 1 Burris 1.5x5 24mm I have 1 Burris Full Field E3 3x9 I have 1 Vortex Razor 1x6 E 30mm LPVO Now the Truth on Rifle Scopes IMHO I like the Scopes I have and Truth be told...
  20. 1100 Remington Man

    Her first buck

    Well done and nice Buck ! Congratulations