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  1. taylorce1

    My practice rifle.

    Grew up with one, thought I'd inherit it eventually. However, I think my nephew will wind up with it.
  2. taylorce1

    My practice rifle.

    I love pump .22 rifles! I really like the 1906 Winchester, but they're all fun.
  3. taylorce1

    Grendel Finished

    I really, really hate heavy rifles. The Accustock, and barrel with nut weighs 8 lbs, add in an action, recoil lug, scope mounts, rings, scope, and loaded magazine and I'm going to be pushing 11 lbs if I don't cut the barrel down. I knew this barrel was going to be heavy, but the price was...
  4. taylorce1

    Grendel Finished

    I'm currently building a Grendel on a Stevens 200 action. The pre-owned barrel I bought needs to go on a diet, I'm going to shorten it by 9.5" and see how that works. The 26" Varmit profile has just the barrel weighing in at 5.6lbs.
  5. taylorce1

    Still a blast to shoot.

    I wish more rifles were still offered in .250 Savage! I should play with mine more.
  6. taylorce1

    What are your favourite underrated cartridges?

    .250 & .300 Savage both kill way better than they should. .30-30 Win, people forget that we once killed a lot of game with one.
  7. taylorce1

    Kevin Weaver 7 Mashburn

    Kevin is one hell of a nice guy. Great gunsmith as well.
  8. taylorce1

    Daughter's first elk!

    Local guy does them about 15 miles round trip to his house. $80 on the elk, charges a little less for pronghorn and deer. Usually takes him about 7-10 days to get us a skull back. He just does the skulls not any other forms of taxidermy.
  9. taylorce1

    Daughter's first elk!

    She got the horns back yesterday, and she's still smiling! 20190927_141100 by taylorce1, on Flickr
  10. taylorce1

    Daughter's first elk!

    My buddies son sent that along for a good luck charm, we promised him a picture with it if we got an elk.
  11. taylorce1

    Daughter's first elk!

    My daughter drew a Muzzle Loader tag for a bull elk this year in a any bull unit. I had had problems finding a front stuffer that my daughter liked. Muzzle loading is a foreign concept to my daughter so I started asking around on a bolt action ML to get something similar to what she was used...
  12. taylorce1

    Montana Rifle Company Customer Service

    Unfortunately there isn't a cheap way to lighten up an MRC rifle. You van either spend a lot of money to save a few ounces, or you can sell it and buy a light rifle. I'd probably look for a Kimber Montana or Hunter as a cheaper option than putting your current rifle on a weight loss program. A...
  13. taylorce1

    Safari Rifle Challenge, Libby MT

    My buddy has done it the last two years, he uses a 1903 in .400 Whelen. If you want his email address just PM me.
  14. taylorce1

    Still have rifle "itis" disease.

    Nice rifle, much better done than my .300 Savage on M93 Mauser. Of course mine was put together by some amateurs, but it still shoots pretty well. Does your rifle clock on close? If it does I can't recommend a conversion to cock on open enough, not that it does anything but improve the feel...
  15. taylorce1

    .30 Gibbs

    Boyd's isn't the only one making stocks for the 1917, Richard's Microfit makes them as well. MPI makes a hand laid fiberglass stock, but I can't access their web page right now to look at the styles. The biggest problem with 1917/P14 stocks is most stock makers only offer for original military...
  16. taylorce1

    Took the plunge yesterday!

    Thanks for the info!
  17. taylorce1

    Took the plunge yesterday!

    Went into a store yesterday, came out a little poorer. They had a funky little kiosk that took my finger prints and my personal information. So I'm hoping in 9-12 months my Silencer Co Omega and Sparrow get to come home. Until then I'm going to have to sort through my rifles and see which...
  18. taylorce1

    Kimber Hunter into Mac Edge

    I don't know of anyone who has done that yet. Doing what your planning will be more expensive than just buying a Montana. I doubt you'll see much if any weight reduction the Hunter is already light. At a minimum you'll need some sort of trigger guard, magazine box, spring, and follower and...
  19. taylorce1

    What? No 308?

    I've been thoroughly impressed with the Howa .308 I bought my daughter last year. It is basically the old Alpine rifle, and the rifle weighs right at 7lbs scoped. She took four deer with it this year, and now she's smitten as well. This is the first .308 in our household as well, and...
  20. taylorce1

    Disappointing 2018 Season

    I haven't hunted since 2014, because right befor season in 2015 I shattered my right leg. Missing a year of work and not having a paycheck for a full year put me behind. Plus I'm focused on my daughter's hunting right now. She only has two more hunting seasons until she's off to college...