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    35 Whelen project about to kick off......finally

    Had Shilen barrel a 700 Classic short action with #3 barrel in 358 win, love it. It was squared up and glass bedded free floated. Missed what rifle you started with so here is an option if it applies. I put a B&C medalist composite stock on a 700 SPS pulled the group in about 0.5" five shots...
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    Meat friendly .270 Winchester "woods load"?

    Do not over look the Remington 150 grain round nose for close in woods work. Just do not load to max velocities. The 140-150 grain PT's are perfect for modest velocities with their soft noses.
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    35 Rem on the bench.

    I have my grandpa's model 14 he bought about 1927. Moose bear and a few deer fell to that 35 Rem and the 200gr CLRN.
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    A rare find

    Very nice great length for a woods rifle. So 265 or 300 grainers?
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    Enduron Powder in the .270WIn.

    Remember the temps, 22 is normal for a lot of hunting but I be thoughtful and test around 70 for max pressure. I have never had any pressure signs with max listed loads at 60 and above and you have at 22 degrees. I am waiting on warm temps to shake out some 270 win loads using 140 PT's with...
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    Over & Under

    Clay games are first supposed to be FUN, next they are PRACTICE for wing shooting, the last is COMPETITION, but that must be fun, since so many do that. I hunt, there fore I shoot clay games. I started skeet last December I have learn a bit and know what to expect so I am not as rushed. But its...
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    Wowed by a 28 gauge.

    On a Sporting Clay's coarse I can tell no difference between my 28 and 20 gauges except the weight of the shells in my vest. Both SP3's with 26.5" barrels. Unless I need #6 shot of larger I take my 28 gauge most of the time.
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    CZ Huglu shotguns

    Great guns for the price for the grade you get. All Huglu have chrome lined barrels with black chromed outer barrels. See shotgun world for smiths that know huglu guns Dahaan is retired now. I have two SxS Ring Necks which are CZ's lower end guns. Same as above but with plan walnut but you can...
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    Shotshell Reloading...worth it?

    Reloading target shells for 28 gauge and the 410 is at least half price. Not so for 20 & 12 gauges. If you buy on sale and with free shipping and not just by the flat when there is a deal buy at lest ten flats.Two to five thousand shells per year is nothing if you shot clay games. if you look at...
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    Over & Under

    Nothing better than two barrels and two chokes on a field or sporting gun. Than there is the cool factor and great feel of a broke open gun saddled on your shoulder (barrels forward). No brass pick up ether you will get the mechanics and the hulls will just pop into your hand. Look for free...
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    Browning BLR 358 Win loads

    225 grain PT, H4895 46.5 grains @ 2430 fps. 200 grain Spire point, H4895 46.0 grains @ 2470 fps, group 5/8". 200 grain Spire point, H4895 47.0 grains @ 2520 fps, group 1 1/8". Rem 700SA, Shilen #3 20.5" barrel, Glass bedded free floated, Action squared up. I have used the 225 gr Hawk RT .030"...
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    Bullet Wish List 2018

    Nosler makes a lot of great bullets. The only cartridges I would like bullets for is the 35REM and 358WIN. For the 358WIN a Solid base Bonded 200 to 215 grain that will fit the SAMMI OCL. This is mainly for deer sized game because I would use the 225gr PT for any thing else. The faithful 35REM...
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    What I want for 2017...........

    Any thing from 200-215 grs that will work in any standard 358 Win magazine, in a cheaper Bonded Solid Base, My main concern is performance on deer sized game with less cost. This would bump the B.C. a tad over the 200 gr bullets. The 225 grain PT will work on any thing but with a premium cost...
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    Lee Collet Neck Sizer

    I use the Lee collect Neck die to load my 22 Hornet ammo. They are the thinnest brass i know of and it works great. Supper accurate less then .5" groups and brass last a long time! On my 221 & 223 rem I use Reddington type S match neck dies.
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    338 Federal 180gr Accubond

    Last September I saw two Sako 85 wood stock in 338Fed discounted to $400 NIB. They sat in the rack for a year or more so the price them to move. I just retired and had to re frame from new repurchases for a awhile. NOW I know I could have afforded one of them.
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    270 WIN OCL with 140 Partitions

    I loaded some 140 BT's at 3.340" with V100 and the 140 PT's at 3.320" with H4830sc. Nosler does not state what OCL they tested at while other Manuels do. Same rifle a REM 700 270 WIN Classic Glass bedded and free floated, trigger set to 3.5 lbs. Wears a VX3 2.5-8 scope. Most accurate load was...
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    270 WIN OCL with 140 Partitions

    What OCL have you had accuracy with using 140 grain PT,s with H4891sc? 3.340" is way out there and most of the OEM I have ammo is around 3.280". What is Nosler's ammo 140 OCL at? I was thinking of 3.300" and shorten them to tune for where my gun likes them. Is 2900 fps realistic in a 22"...
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    I think the worst is over

    Looking forward to shooting sporting clay's when the temp is 60 F or darn near to it. My yard is starting to green up and the next week is mid to upper 50's. We will see a lot of frosty mornings but I think winter is over here in the upper mit. NO ice on the lakes, sandhills, robins, and...
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    New Remington 700 ADL Trigger - WHAT???

    Respectfully you must not known the long history of the old rem 700 triggers, all smiths I know perferd the 700 because of it reliability a ease for adjustment for a smooth crisp light trigger pull. I have not needed to install a jewel or timminy trigger though I would in a second if my four...
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    New grouse gun

    I have a CZ SxS in 410 with Fixed chokes IC & Mod it patterns just like my 686 with briley extended chokes in SKT & IC. I shoot sporting clays from a hunters point of view to test my loads and choke selection to see what ranges the really work at. Fun & practice and lots of it. Except for...