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    Great Grandpas Parker

    That's way cool! Are you tempted to load with black? It would be hard to not think about it!
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    Space Age Super Lube

    Thanks. That could sure be useful in adverse conditions.
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    Hornady 120gr HP

    I have a 257 Weatherby It shoots horribly. Anyway, the the 25-06 I love shot best with the old Nosler 115 grain screw turned bullets. The new partitions never did as well. Anyway I've stocked some 110 Accubonds and hope they'll shoot. I haven't had time to try them. I never regarded the 120...
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    Found a super "beater" shotgun.

    I remember 'cut shells" from my Great Grandfather. I was always chicken to try them.
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    My boy got a pretty good blue cat last week

    That's a real nice fish! Especially on a rod. The smaller ones eat better but I'd have been tempted to clean it and fry it up!
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    My 700 Classic .270 back in service!

    Preacher, sounds good. What kind of crimping die do you use?
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    Federal 62grn Fusion VS deer

    I'm loading some for a 223 next week and hope to test them on hogs.
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    22 Nosler and long bullets ??

    Mighty fine shooting!
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    .300WSM/180AB vs. moose

    I would think those accubonds would be very good on the big bears, too!
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    M70 Facelift

    Much nicer!!!
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    What brand of bullets are these?

    Lapua or Norma?
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    Grizzly Attack

    Mighty scary. I figure always carrying a big bore rifle or handgun might be in order most of the time then!
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    Grizzly Attack

    What a tragedy! An ignorant question...When do the grizzlies hibernate or do they go in and out of hibernation?
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    More fake scopes out of China.......

    Crap! Just got a 2x7 Vortex (?) don't remember name. Says made in China. Put in on an old Savage 99 300 and got it on at forty yards. At one hundred tried to move the scope. Couldn't even tell. About a six inch group. Bought this at Cabelas. Bet I don't have the receipt.
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    Rookie Mistake

    I've done it too. The worst thing I did years ago was to grab my rifle and ammo and get in my blind in the dark. Loaded the 25-06. Bolt wouldn't close. I'd grabbed a box of 270 ammo. You guessed it. I sat there for hours. A big buck came and I felt bad. Another better one came and I felt worse...
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    Hornady Case Prep.

    Great customer service!
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    Am I looking at incipient case head separation ?

    I think it's the chamber.
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    Deer Tracks

    That an apple tree?
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    Daughters Utah buck

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    Picked up kind of a rare one.

    I've never seen one but this rifle is really cool! You sure have a beautiful one to enjoy!