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    Which monolithic bullet for tough game with 300 Win Mag?

    Dr. Mike, did you notice any appreciable difference in performance between bullet weights? I repeatedly hear that you need to “drive them fast”.
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    Accubond Penetration

    I want to begin this post with the statement that I love Accubonds. I have been gradually switching over to them from Partitions; I don’t know why as Partitions are the one bullet that I have NEVER seen fail, but I am human and was smitten by the high BCs of Accubonds and their superior accuracy...
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    Never owned a 7mm Mag - not sure I will

    I have used several 7mm Rem. Mags. over the years on whitetails, mulies, many elk, black bears, one grizzly bear, antelope, and sheep with great success. Accurate, manageable recoil, flat shooting and hard hitting—very deadly with the right bullet. I am a huge .338 Win. Mag. fan, but I really...
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    One of the most consistently accurate powders across the widest variety of cartridges that I have on my shelf. I know that some extremely knowledgeable gun writers have documented some temperature sensitivity with it, but I have never seen it (and I have used it in one particular .338 Win. Mag...
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    Cactus Jack’s writings had a lot to do with the .270’s success, no doubt, as others here have observed. JOC also noted that the old 130 gr. Western Silvertip was one of the first successfully designed bullets for truly high velocity as it penetrated and killed very well. That was undoubtedly a...
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    30-06 & 180...

    I don‘t think anyone would suffer if there were only the 180 grain bullet for the .30-06.
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    Some good people on here.

    I lurk a lot here (and other sites) but this is oh so true. A bunch of good ones who also know what they are talking about and generously share their knowledge.
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    Cape Buff & Plains Game

    I would try Nick Nolte Hunting Safaris. Nick and Isabel operate in Namibia. Great kudu and gemsbok. Great people, too. I have hunted with them twice and am going again next year. Namibia is beautiful, full of game, and a clean environment. The air is so sweet it's almost like food. I...