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    Vanilla Ice Cream

    So is a grip of bullets akin to A gaggle of geese A pride of lions A murder of crows A pod of whales
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    Photobucket test

    How about that, it worked. Bet the ex-CEO is still looking for a job. What a stupid thing to do.
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    Congratulatins, can you post a picture from the side?
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    Neck Sizing

    I never tried the bushing neck dies but I think they will work well. I get excellent results using the Lee Collet Neck Die and highly recommend it. I don't particularly like the neck dies that pull the expander ball up through the neck. Seems to defeat the purpose of neck sizing vs...
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    Toning it down a bit

    Good shooting. As much as I don't like Hornady, multiple bad experiences with their customer service, their 350 grain jacketed bullets are great for the 45-70. There are several good powders. I favor H-4895.
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    A poll on rifle rests

    Another Bull's Bag fan here, the large one. I have to place it on an elevated rest (block of wood) to get it to the height I want. I use it with a good rear bag. After load development I switch to a bi-pod.
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    Favorite concentricity (run out) gauge

    But that is the best use for a runout gauge. It points to the build steps that need attention.
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    Favorite concentricity (run out) gauge

    Forster is my favorite because that's what I have.
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    "There are only two classes of people posting here: Model 70 owners and those who wish they had bought a Remington" Huh?
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    Why do you load?

    I don't trust my government and I want to be independent in the event ammo is no longer available. I have a good supply of components and the know-how to use them properly. I also cast bullets for a few of the guns I have and am learning to make black powder if needed.
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    Make sure you report back when you start using it. Good luck.
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    OCW load development

    100 yards distance is not long enough. 200 is minimum, 300 is better. During OCW load development I make/use a grid target with grid lines every 2 inches and place a 2" round orange target in the upper 1/3 of the grid. The orange target is the point of aim for every shot. I like the orange...
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    Odd 25-06, Retumbo results

    How uniform is your brass, especially the neck thickness? Did you weight sort your bullets?
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    Some of the new Lee presses/systems are worth a serious look.
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    OCW load development

    What distance? Can you describe your set up? I've done lots of OCW testing with great success. Every little thing matters to get useable results.
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    Cartridge Concentricity

    Good post woods. Chasing low runout can be frustrating. Use the gauge at multiple points in the process to improve things.
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    CZ Model 455 .22 LR review

    Good choice with the CZ. I bought one for my youngest daughter so she could compete in 4-H. Lots of competition, there was always a waiting list for those who wanted to compete. 50 feet, standing off-hand shooting. She won with high score and high average 3 consecutive years. Her final year...
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    30-06 & 25-06 again

    Thanks for sharing. Did your 25-06 develop a complex after you did not include it in the pics?
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    The 25-06 rox!

    Yes, bone in on some of the larger cuts. A really fat, heavy deer and very good eating. Three is no shortage of food for them here in upstate NY and the gene pool is well established. Corn, clover, grass hay and apples ... they pork up pretty good.
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    The 25-06 rox!

    252 dressed is a big deer. Last one I took I got 183 pounds of meet in the freezer. I thought that one was a pig.