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    Groundhog on the rifle range.

    We have a lot of critters that visit our range. I watched a large black bear walk out at the 300yds line when I took a break from shooting. Deer are commonly seen all around our facility and turkeys pay us a visit occasionally too. We had a resident groundhog that usually popped out along the...
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    2024 Spring Brown Bear Hunt Report

    I think that idea is what made "Dude Wipes" so popular. I grabbed some on Amazon. They also have a version that is twice as thick, but I forget what they call them.
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    Powder on sale, Natchez reloading.

    MidSouthShooters Supply has free Hazmat with a $99 order on primers/powder this weekend.
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    55 grain BT in 8 Twist .243

    I could not get them to group well in my 8 twist 6mmBR. I suspect that it is just gun specific and they will shoot fine in a different 8 twist rifle. I've got some that I'd sell if you are interested.
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    LEOSA Retired Officer Qual today

    Nice shooting Guy! (y)
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    Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8 adjustments

    I often see that ever since I had Lasix surgery.
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    Plastic tips they use in the accubonds

    I've found that at 200yds, they shoot to the same POI with, or without, the tips.
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    Thought we had a pay if forward category?

    Nice of you to help out our Nosler forum members. I recently did a massive clean-up of my hunting gear. I no longer bow hunt so my Matthews bow, dozens of arrows, broadheads, arrow building gear and related stuff had to go. All my hunting, shooting and reloading equipment that I haven't used in...
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    45-70 and 350gr Hot Cor?

    The 350 Swift A-Frame is the most accurate bullet that I've shot from my 1895SBL. Most bullets shoot good but the A-Frames shoot great. The group below has been repeated many times.
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    Used Brass shells and Cash

    I'm not too sure about the difference but I even went through the trouble of knocking the primers out of every case. I thought that if I left the primers in they would say it was "mixed metal" and pay a lower price. Either way - now I'm happy to don't all that I have to our club. In the past...
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    Used Brass shells and Cash

    My experience certainly stopped me from saving my brass. LOL
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    Used Brass shells and Cash

    I saved all of my exhausted, high-end brass for some time. All the brass was deprimed and very clean. I lugged it down to the scrap yard to see what I could get. They put my brass on a giant scale that weighs pallets full of scrap. Naturally, they came up with a weight that was less than my...
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    At what Pressure

    I'm told that some of the loads in the Barnes reloading manual (for the 1895 levergun) will reach 40,000PSI. I used their maximum load under the 250gr mono bullet without issue but shooting too many of them can't be good for the rifle.
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    Nosler 250gr Partition 44mag bullets

    Arguably the finest hunting bullet ever made for the 44mag or 444Marlin. I have 50 Nosler 250gr .429 Partition bullets left from my original stash. Sold my 44mag and will no longer need these fine bullets. As you probably know, these bullets haven't been available from Nosler for quite some...
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    75 gr ELD-M, .223 Rem, Mule deer buck

    Spotter shot or not, still very impressive. 👍
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    75 gr ELD-M, .223 Rem, Mule deer buck

    Ernie - Some of the things you've accomplished are (almost) unbelievable! Congrats!!
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    Little range time with 6.5 Creed

    I don't normally expect to see such tight groups and low ES when loading .090" off the rifling. Good job loading/shooting. You may as well turn your range pass back in - looks like you're done for the season. LOL
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    180gr Accubond Recovered From Red Stag

    Congratulations on taking a fine red stag. I took my stag with 160AB from a 7WSM. The stag dropped at the shot and never moved again. My guide said that it was the fastest kill that he'd ever seen.
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    New carry pistol...big change

    Woah - that's a rather disturbing incident. Someone was watching over you on that day. Good to hear that it ended as well as it did.
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    New carry pistol...big change

    Long before I became a LEO, I worked in a LGS. Back then the tiny SS Budachowski (sp) pistol in 25ACP became very popular as an off-duty gun for our NYC PD customers. That was until 3 officers got involved with a deranged man while they were out to dinner with their wives. Two officers opened...