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    270win ladder Barnes TTSX130gn, Norma brass, RL17

    With Barnes bullets I typically start at 0.050 off the lands if magazine length allows. From there I can usually find a sub MOA load with a charge weight ladder without altering the seating depth.
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    270 Win SGK 130gn H4831 ladder test.

    I've never been able to make H4831 sing in my Kimber either. Only got mediocre accuracy, and couldn't break 2900 fps. H4350 and RL19 both gave sub half MOA accuracy at 3050-3060 fps. They would both break 3100 fps as well, without getting squirrelly but accuracy suffered.
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    270win ladder Barnes TTSX130gn, Norma brass, RL17

    53.5 grains of H4350 squirts the 130 TTSX at 3050 fps from my Kimber Montana. I can get another 100 fps out of it, but the groups open up from sub half MOA to to 1.1 MOA
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    Old Barnes X bullets vs Tipped TSX

    The TSX and TTSX are outstanding bullets. I shoot the TTSX in multiple cartridges and calibers from .277 to .338 with great accuracy and terminal performance. The original X isn't made anymore, so I wouldn't invest any time on loading it. My Kimber Montana in .270 Win shoots bugholes with the...
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    Varget in .243 7 .22-250

    My Tikka in .22-250 shoots bug holes with Varget and the Hornady 50 grain Vmax
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    Ever heard of these?

    I've never seen that name before
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    Which monolithic bullet for tough game with 300 Win Mag?

    The Barnes 180 TTSX has been my go to bullet for moose in my 300 Win Mag. I've never tried the e-tips. They weren't out yet when I developed this load, and it shoots so well I haven't been inclined to try anything new.
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    Rem Model 7 with a 120 BT

    I love the 120 BT in the 7mm-08. That bullet over Varget is pure magic in my M700 Mountain Rifle.
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    A Return to the 30-06

    I've had good luck with R-16 and the 180 grain Partition. 2860 fps at 0.5 MOA from my Kimber Mtn. Ascent
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    280 Ack Powders

    Both IMR 4350 and H4350 give me 0.5 MOA at right around 3200 fps with the Barnes 140 TTSX from my 24" barreled KImber.
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    Good rifles make it easy.

    Actually, the 7mm-08 is a carbine as well. it started out life with a 22" barrel, but its original owner had it cut back to carbine length
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    Good rifles make it easy.

    All 7600s, carbine in 30-06, rifle in 308, 7mm-08 and 35 Whelen. The 06 carbine is the one that sees the most miles in the woods for days of still hunting or late season drives.
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    Good rifles make it easy.

    I love those Remington pumps. I have 4 of them & they're my go to rigs for a whitetail woods rifle.
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    portable press

    An arbor press and a LE Wilson seating die would be my choice for a portable rig
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    Undersized BT

    It's a good thing it wasn't the other way around. Finding a stray 30 cal in a box of 7 mm bullets could get interesting :eek:
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    165 NBT

    30 cal 165 grain NBT back in stock at Shooter's Pro Shop
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    Powder for 300 swim?

    H4350 and R16 is where I would start.
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    Removing Redding imperial sizing die wax

    For my dies, I spray them out with Hornady One Shot cleaner or RCBS die cleaner, then swab them with a patch on a pistol cleaning rod. My brass I wipe down with a microfiber towel, then throw them in a quart can with acetone or VM&P naphtha. After a few minutes I let them air dry on the bench.
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    Real World .270 Win Velocities

    For my Kimber Montana in 270 Win I've worked up a good hunting load with the Barnes 130 TTSX that shoots 0.5 MOA at 3050 fps with H4350, and the same with R19. I can get another 100 fps from either load, but the groups open up to 1 MOA. From a 20" Ruger Ultralight I got velocities up to 2950...
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    H4350 Article & Video

    That's one of my staple powders that I never let myself run out of. I run it in 280 Ackley, 270 Win, 30-06, and 300 WSM.