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    2 bullets for my carry gun compared

    Jugs are 5 3/4" square & were all touching. The Federal HS still looks pretty deadly for 20+ year old ammunition, but guessing the Norma load will be what I carry from now on. It does look kinda like a blender blade.
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    2 bullets for my carry gun compared

    Shot these this afternoon from a 3 1/2" S&W 469. The 1st water filled gallon jug was at 10 feet. it was a light duty range day, so neither was chronographed today. The Norma was clocked at 1171fps @ 10' instrumental a few weeks ago. Norma spec is 1312fps. The Federal load may have been checked a...
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    Rung Primers

    Saw that yesterday & almost made the plastic cry... again... this month. Almost. It's RUAG. I believe they're a top tier European munitions co. They also make RWS brass if my memory still works. Too many mergers & acquisitions to keep track of anymore.
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    Accurate Arms # 2700

    I've read that supposedly it's the same as W-760 or H414. Maybe it is. The cans in my closet say it may not be. The 2700 isn't flattened as much as the W760 & is shinier. I can tell you that it absolutely is temp sensitive, but then so is W-760. The last Western burn rate chart (they owned...
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    Favorite Powder for .358 Win

    I started my 358 Winchester journey with a Ruger 77R. One of the older ones with a 22" barrel. Maybe even a pre-warning, but it's long ago been traded or sold. It was followed by at least 2 or 3 more of the same until I had a M70 rebarreled. Like Dr Mike, I would say that just about anything...
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    Primer Update

    And another. Coming soon they say.
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    Quick reload request - 338-06 AI

    Not QL, but my 338-06 Ackley works best with H4350 & 200/210s. With slow pour & tapping the case 66 grs will just fit in my brass. It's compressed a lot, but with no bad pressure sign. I'm getting 3000 fps from a 25" barrel. Speer 200s, 210 Partitions, 200 Ballistic Tips & the 200 CT Ballistic...
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    Fireforming brass.

    Could be, but not a good option with all that headspace & no standard 22-250 anymore. No problems with using that soft WW brass in standard dies for the first load. Looks like 2 ways (at least) to skin that cat. The 1st batch of brass may have been RP but it was long ago & I'm too lazy to dig...
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    Annealing vs not annealing at 1000 yards

    But, but, but, it's on the internet so it must be true. :lol:
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    Fireforming brass.

    The body/shoulder junction in the Ackley die doesn't support the standard case in that area. I have to move the shoulder forward about .030" in my sloppy old 22-250 Imp. & have collapsed more than one case in the Ackley die when necked up to 6mm & sizing back down. It takes a few years to wear...
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    Fireforming brass.

    Yeah, .006 is a little more than I like too. A jammed bullet may work fine in this case & is sure a lot easier. If you do the false shoulder I've had much better luck using standard dies to create the bump. Weird things happen to the shoulder & body sometimes using the Ackley die before...
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    Fireforming brass.

    Shade Tree, I try a few (5?) cases at first, & reload them 2 or 3 times, to be sure the process is sound before doing a bigger batch. My procedure comes from experience by screwing up too many pieces of brass for the problem guns. Hopefully yours is a good & easy one. Only 2 of the Ackleys...
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    Ruger American 6.5 creedmoor

    Heh. This isn't 24HCF, so if I wrote what I think about Slickrem's knowledge & expertise I'd probably get banned.
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    best place / location for reloading bench - room

    No kids at home, so the 3rd bedroom has become my office/library/gunroom. The closet renovated with shelves holds components, a wall of books, a recliner reading chair, & a computer desk fill the room.
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    .270 Starline brass to .25-06

    nothing to see here.
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    Action length of M700 22-250

    Why stop at 338? Dont forget 358 Winchester. A 25 Souper (25x308) might be fun too.
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    Ruger American 6.5 creedmoor

    My ugly cheapo Ruger Creedmoor surprised me with regular sub 1/2" 4 or 5 shot groups with tailored loads. Seating depth was the key to really shrinking groups after a reasonably good powder/bullet combination was found.
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    New Old Stock Brass History Lesson Wanted

    This might help.
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    44 Rem Mag and 240gr JSP Info in Lever Actions

    I'm unsure where Magtech primers are on the brisance chart, but a hot primer is recommended for densely packed, fine grained W296 loads. H110 is just different lots of W296 if you didn't know. WLPs have been my 1st choice & are labeled for magnum or standard loads. Federal 155s are in 2nd place...
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    Flat base vs. boat tail bullets

    Just saw this somewhere else & haven't had time to read it thoroughly.