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    2020 Hunting Pictures

    6.5 CM 140g partition. He dropped like he was hit with Thor's hammer.
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    Source for the new 7mm 150g Accubond

    Was glad to see the 150g 7mm Accubond was announced. But combing the internetz, I've come up empty. Anyone know the release date or who might have them in stock?
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    Hornady OAL gauge - locking thumb screw

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    Hornady OAL gauge - locking thumb screw

    I managed to lose my locking thumb screw on my Hdy OAL gauge. Calling HDY wasn't helpful, they didn't have either the replacement part or the the info on the thread pitch for the screw. Anyone know offhand what that thread pitch is? Should be simple enough to find a replacement.
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    Cone of dispersal

    It's funny you mention that. I've actually been starting to track data on bull size and my group accuracy. I always thought the smaller the bull, the more accurate the shooting. I'm not so sure anymore. I'm finding that I average smaller groups with a 1.5" or 2" bull than I do with a .5...
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    Cold & Clean BBL first shot flyer

    It's a data thing. Track your cold bore. You'll find consistency. Just plan for it. Either make sure you start with a fouled barred in the field know what your adjustment.
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    Custom Rifles...Does anyone even bother anymore?

    I had this conversation with a few folks about this very thought. The equation has changed substantially. Just about any quality factory rifle now will hunt anything and everything and you won't be limited by the firearm. It's the golden age of factory rifles. Any factory can turn out a...
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    200 gr ELDX

    My theory on the ELDX, especially at magnum velocities is shoot heavy for caliber bullets. I setup my 300WM using the 212g and I'm at 2900 or so at the muzzle. At 300 yards, it's already under 2500fps. Nothing that will tear up a big, heavy cup and core. I'm not sure I'd go lighter than...
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    Action screws and torque

    I bought a single, high grade T handle torque driver at #60 pounds. I use it for all my actions and chassis. I value consistency more than the actual torque value.
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    New to reloading

    This is one of those cases where there is no bad answer in those choices. I tend to use H1000 more, just because i think it's more temperature insensitive.
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    In my Nosler Sporter 48 I settled on a 41.5g of Varget under a 140g BTip and it's consistent around 2777fps. So accurate I actually pulled the trigger and bought the Leupold CDS dial to match.
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    Is there an explanation?

    Folks are spot on. I become a much better reloader when I had a lab radar or magnetospeed chrono. :) My ES/SD's fell consciderably with no change in reloading practices. Optical chronos will get you in the ballpark, but you need a LOT of data averaged to really trust the readings.
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    Forstner bits

    Pretty sure it would cut the brass, even if it would dull fairly quickly. The problem/issue I see is that it's not the cutting that's the issue. It's the consistently cutting each case to the exact same length. With just a bit, not sure how you'd setup/manage the depth cut. I doubt a drill...
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    Sig Sauer Tango 4

    I was a huge skeptic on sig optics, due to their initial foray into this space being just to rebrand Chinese junk red dots. (They admitted they goofed up and took another direction.) I have the tang 4 and have to say, in it's price range it's solid. Tracks out to 1000 and back...
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    A question of head space...

    According to him, he'd trimmed the case prior to this reloading. But I'm going to ask him to check the trim length and make sure it was correct. I'm guessing if it was on the long end, even after trimming, that the oversized case did flow forward enough to jam in the leade. Should be...
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    A question of head space...

    I was with a buddy of mine at the range on Friday and he had a massive over pressure round that stopped his testing for the day. What he was finding was that his loaded ammo was really tight in the chamber. He was having to mash down the bolt handle to get it to close. This wasn't as much...
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    QuickLoad questions thread...

    Thank you!
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    I've gone the Iron Press/550/650 route to handle most my reloading tasks, but this turret press has me thinking. I have a reloading bench with rails so it's easy to swap presses on and off as needed. (Except the 650, that case feeder is just too damn bulky to move often.) How nice would...
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    Reloading the 300WM

    This has been great info, thank you all. I do have a follow up question on the neck sizing + occasional FL sizing. Do you have any noticeable shift in velocity/accuracy/POI when you FL size instead of just bump it back?
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    QuickLoad questions thread...

    If you'd be so kind sir. 300 WM, Hornady Brass, 212g ELDX, WLRM, RL22, Seated to a COAL of 3.55, 26" barrel.