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    Berry's plated bullets

    I have used them in my contender in 357 Magnum a little faster than you're supposed to but no problems....scary accurate!
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    30-06 and IMR 4451

    The old internet story is 2 close one out turn your seating die it 1/4 turn or 1/2...can't Seriously though...3 shots at 200 isn't proving much...4 is a minimum at 200...5 is much better....and all chrono'd which might start to explain low ones.
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    My new lee body die....sort of..

    After I started the post I set a record (for me) match prepping and cleaning 100 brass in about an hour. Soaked down 100 once fired cases w/hornady one shot. Sized and double plunged the necks. (Virtual zero run out on all) Into the sonic cleaner w/hot water, a drizzle of hornady cleaner, and a...
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    My new lee body die....sort of..

    I guess the point of my rambling post many people fight FL dies for zero run's a way to do it for about $20. Its pretty much a sure bet ....but its a two step process. I really like "seasoning" the inside of the neck w/dry lube too. I really believe the bullets seat...
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    My new lee body die....sort of..

    I've sanded mandrels w/mixed results (my poor workmansip) and bought a few undersized mandrels and yes they work. I can't bring myself to run gunky unclean brass through the redding body die but I feel OK about doing it to the lee rgb die. For some reason the rgb die seems to minimally size...
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    My new lee body die....sort of..

    Well I decided I was gonna dedicate my old tikka 3006 as my practice hunting rifle. Its the pre t3 model and a good shooter. I've got a FL die set, a redding body die, and a lee collect neck sizer. The body die/collect do a great job of sizing cases w/minimal run out but I like a little more...
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    30-06 with 125 Grain Bullets

    I wouldn't wander from published data but the secret is keep checking sources for the mildest data w/powder you have. That means hogdon online, nosler online etc. You should wind up w/about the kick of a 3030 carbine I would think.
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    180 Berger VLD, IMR 7828, and 7 STW, OH MY!

    Fwiw...we're up at 74.5 I 7828 in my buddies 26" stw and doing 3020 fps w/no pressure signs. But his set up lets us hang the bullet out pretty far. I've seen reports of people pushing the 28 nosler (pretty much the same capacity) further than this considerably. Although the 180 Berger is long...
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    Dang this nosler brass is sweet!

    A while back I picked up 4 boxes of nosler 270wby blem brass on sale. Didn't load too many till today. I had put a few together for a friend and once we confirmed the load was a perfect match to wby brass I put together 50 rounds of the same recipe. First the wt consistancy of the brass was...
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    IMR 7977 with 150 BT in 270 Win - Very Promising

    Been bouncing around the I net and found a few range reports. It looks faster than h1000 and really really close to re25 in speed.
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    Is IMR 7977 in QL yet?

    Anyone tried it and compared chrono readings to data they have out? At least they seem to have alot of data.
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    .308 with 200 gr. Barnes LRX help?

    A 200 lrx will knock the primer out of a 308 case when you seat it! OK.........not......but way way more bullet than optimal for that case! If he's gotta have Barnes I'd recommend the 130-168 bullets.
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    Why dosn't Shooters Proshop

    I'm not sure what the pro shops official mission statement is but competing against the huge array of retailers that sell its products certainly can't be it. This includes everyone from the ma and pa hometown dealers to the big online people like midway, cabelas, grafs, etc. Just like the poster...
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    A few bullets caught in milk jugs guys want accuracy AND penetration there is only ONE! I love this vid and have watched it a bunch....I'd love to shoot w/this guy!
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    308 125gr Accubonds ??

    I guess in some situations or angles it will always be tough to beat good old lead tipped bullets. If i had to throw a "guess" I'd say when the frontal area of a bullet is explosive it could certainly deflect a bullets travel path off something like backbone. I won't use ANY plastic tip bullet...
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    308 125gr Accubonds ??

    They certainly made em for a while. I picked some up off shooters pro shop about a year ago. I sectioned one and it had a nice thick jacket from the ogive down and alot of "base". Maybe they are concentrating production on bigger sellers for now. All that said I'd be interested in knowing...
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    Running too hot ???

    I'd highly recommend dialing in the use of chrono in your decision making. I've used quickload for years and two of the powders it seems to have trouble with happen to be re19 and varget. My re19 loads almost always turn out milder than ql predicts....and varget hotter. The 7mm 08 case is...
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    Nothing blemished about this

    Tikkas are "fun killers" when it comes to load development. Good things come too easy!
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    There's a product called "never dull"at most Walmarts. Its a round can that has a chemically treated wadding material. Kinda has a wool like consistancy. Its reasonably priced and is pretty pleasant to work with if you have a way to spin your cases. I use it for small test batches of cases or...
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    In the old days there used to be lots of posts about brasso. The consensus was that Brasso had amonia in it and it would weaken the brass. Maybe they're right but you would have to almost think the brass would have to be porous to have a problem. I probably wouldn't sweat a quick application...