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    50cal AP Black tip bullets

    $1 each at Bartlett reloading
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    Bearly Making It:

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    222 Remington

    H322 was a bench rest favorite
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    $44 a pound at midway… I had to have it
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    Has the 55 grain .224 FBHP been Discontinued?
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    AR varmint bullet

    The hornady sxsp’s or the Sierra blitz is what you need 👍
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    I just can’t bring them home for dinner

    Fisherman’s friend fish food and whatever else I might find.
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    40 grain blitz king

    Available on their website right now…
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    I just can’t bring them home for dinner

    I dug a pond and the bass will now eat out of my hand…🤦‍♂️
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    Reloading used to be cheaper

    I’m way upstate in New York if you can’t find it text me
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    The absence in the market place

    Until today… the last primers that I bought were $35 a brick for CCI. Bench rest were $100 at bass pro this morning. I’m not complaining I saw this coming, I have plenty of Nosler projectiles that I bought years ago. Woodchucks are going to have a bad spring
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    The absence in the market place

    I have always bought a little more than I was looking for at the lgs… not to horde or resell, I’m an old man I try to get a little ahead when I see prices going up every month 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Reloading used to be cheaper

    There is no option but to reload for the remington model 8’s that were passed down to me when pop died. One in 35 remington is open for a magazine…🤷🏼‍♂️
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    2023 Burn Rate Chart

    Save those old charts ladies and gentlemen…I often find older un-opened powder at garage sales. I will never drive by a garage sale lol